PIET Moodshop Joins The Ghent Bitcoincity Initiative

The Ghent Bitcoincity initiative is slowly starting to see the list of merchants growing week by week. Up until this point, no less than seven retailers have joined the Ghent Bitcoincity project, with [hopefully] many more to come after the major event on April 18th. PIET Moodshop is the latest brick-and-mortar store to start accepting Bitcoin in Ghent.

PIET Moodshop – Concept Store With Neat Gadgets

One of the main advantages of the Ghent Bitcoincity initiative is the fact that nearly every participating retailer offers a different type of product to customers willing to pay in Bitcoin. Granted, there is a restaurant on board, which is a major step forward for raising Bitcoin awareness in the vibrant city of Ghent. But what about Arpeggio Music, Life-ID or Whitespace?

PIET Moodshop is not a store you would expect to see on the list of participating merchants, but that is also what makes it so unique. Concept stores in Belgium are becoming an emerging trend, and once you visit one of these stores, chances are very real you won’t walk away empty-handed. There are so many interesting and nifty gadgets to be found in concept stores these days!

You may be wondering where the name “PIET Moodshop” is coming from. Let’s start off by explaining the “PIET” part, which has nothing to do with the name of the store owner mind you. This concept store is located at the Sint-PIETernieuwsstraat in Ghent, a street name some of you may recognize as it is also home to “Vooruit”, a famous art gallery.

The city of Ghent is known for bringing together historical buildings and advanced technological ideas, which is perfectly embodied by PIET Moodshop accepting Bitcoin payments. The store itself is situated in a historical building, which used to be a drugstore many moons ago. In fact, the shelves and drawers used by the drugstore owners are still being used by PIET Moodshop this very day.

It has to be said however that the original plan did not include turning PIET Moodshop into a full-fledged store for more than a few months. Most of our readers will know the concept of a pop-up store; that is a shop selling products for a few months before closing up shop once again. Pop-up shops are usually themed around a certain holiday or time of year.

Due to the overwhelming success however, PIET Moodshop has remained in business and is now looking to attract the younger generation by accepting Bitcoin payments. In-store Bitcoin payments are processed by BitKassa, a very popular Bitcoin payment platform used by many merchants in both Belgium and The Netherlands.

Whether you are looking for a unique gift for someone you care about or just want to admire some of the crafty objects to be found here, PIET Moodshop is the place to be for everyone visiting the city of Ghent. If you are interested in exploring the store itself, but cannot make it to Ghent any time soon, you will be pleased to hear that all of their items can be purchased through the PIET Moodshop webstore.

At this point, it is unsure whether or not online customers will also be able to pay with Bitcoin in the [near] future though.

Website: http://www.pietmoodshop.be/

Source : http://www.bitcoinspot.nl/piet-moodshop-accepteert-bitcoins-en-is-7e-deelnemer-aan-gent-bitcoinstad.html