PBoC Issues Financial Bonds Over its Private Blockchain

China remains a very mysterious nation in many different ways. The country is keen on blockchain technology, and the People’s Bank of China is taking things one step further.

Earlier this week, the PBoC began issuing financial bonds over the blockchain to small businesses.

China’s Blockchain Venture Continues

These bonds will serve as SMB loans, adding up to roughly $2.75bn in total. 

These bonds are not issued on a public blockchain, but rather infrastructure developed by the PBoC itself.

It appears this infrastructure will also be used as the primary blockchain-oriented record keeping service across China. 

This news comes a crucial time as far as China’s blockchain-oriented focus is concerned.

The Eastern powerhouse is fully committing to exploring this technology and how it can be implemented in everyday life.

With these bonds being issued at this stage, one has to wonder what comes next for the PBoC.

It would appear the institution will experiment with issuing digital letters of credit, albeit that has not been officially confirmed at this time.

There are many possible ways to introduce digital letters of credit that would not require using a distributed ledger of any kind.

A lot of research and development remain ahead of China’s blockchain subsidiaries.

Providing a network that can scale and perform in real-time is a lot more challenging that some may think.