Paying To Comment On News Sites With Bitcoin?

Monetizing content has become a lot harder for online publishers these days, as more and more people start to block their advertisements. Additionally, the comments sections on most websites turn into verbal fights or spam at some point. But when news sites charge people to post comments, things are getting a bit out of hand. Or is this a golden opportunity for Bitcoin micropayments?

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Pay To Comment On Your Favorite Site

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The concept of letting users pay to post comments is nothing new, as SolidOpinion has been around for a little while. Although originally designed to help website owners fight trolls in the comments section, there seems to be a bigger market for this concept than initially assumed. As it turns out, this solution can make website owners a fair bit of money too.

That being said, it will be quite a struggle to promote SolidOpinion to most content creators. News sites have had a hard time to monetize their content, and letting visitors pay to comment may sound like an attractive option. But at the same time, there is the question as to who would pay for such a service in the first place.

Most websites use a wide variety of comments solutions, ranging from Facebook comments to Disqus and everything in between. But at the same time, a lot of these platforms would like nothing more than keeping the trolls away from the comment section. Albeit everyone is entitled to their opinion, some people seem to live to troll others.

One thing this solution has going for it how it is better than putting up a content paywall. One thing most readers would prefer is to pay for commenting but having free access to all of the content, rather than the other way around. Only time will tell if this solution can be possible as no news site owner is expecting to get rich quick from this solution.

There is also the question as to how users would pay for this commenting section, considering most of the payments will be rather small. Bitcoin could play a significant role in this regard as the global cryptocurrency allows for small payments at very low fees. Moreover, it would bring another use case to Bitcoin, which is beneficial to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Source: Bloomberg

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