Bitcoin Is Of High Value To Live-Streaming Apps Like MeVee

Bitcoin can make a major impact on just about any aspect of everyday life today. The advertising world is no different from any other sector in that regard, as something in this particular industry will have to change sooner or later. The new Mevee live streaming application offers a lot of potential, yet still relies on banners and video ads. Bitcoin could be an alternative well worth considering.

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MeVee – Live-streaming With Advertisements


Applications such as Periscope are becoming quite popular, as they allow anyone in the world to live-stream any event whenever they want. However, it is all but impossible to monetize that type of content, as there is no option to integrate ads or banners anywhere. MeVee wants to solve that problem, as it brings traditional advertising opportunities to the live-streaming concept.

Unlike how most other live-streaming applications work right now, MeVee was designed from the sole mindset of being able to monetize content from day one. While it is still free to download the application itself, as well as use it, ads can be weaved into the live streams. Doing so would present ads in the form of either banners or video models, both of which will appear at the bottom of the screen as to not be too annoying.

But that is not all, as MeVee will introduce full-screen ads whenever a user is fast-forwarding through a video on demand. This concept works completely opposite from traditional tv watching, as users can fast forward through ads themselves when watching an archived or recorded video.

Regarding monetizing the content, users who list ads on their streams will get to keep half of the revenue Mevee makes from the ad during their live streams. However, those users who quickly become more popular than others will be eligible to receive a larger cut of the earnings over time.

Despite the promise an application like MeVee holds, the company tends to forget people are more than willing to pay a small amount for not having to see any advertisements at all. Forcing users to watch ads on a free platform could be a decision that will eventually backfire on MeVee and other companies who follow their example.

Integrate Bitcoin Payments To Skip Ads

TheMerkle_Live-streaming Without Ads Bitcoin

While watching ads may seem like a natural order of selection during live-streamed events, there are plenty of consumers who are fed up with advertisements showing up during their content consumption. In fact, a lot of users will gladly pay a monthly subscription, or a small fee per stream, just to avoid those advertisements altogether.

Bitcoin could prove to be a valuable ally in that regard, as the digital currency can be used on a  global scale. Furthermore, most of the Bitcoin users access their funds from a mobile device already, and integration payment links to open up their Bitcoin wallet on the device wouldn’t take much effort at all.

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