Paid to Raid? Vybe Creates a Gamified Advertising Application

San Jose, Costa Rica, January 2023 – What if you got a nickel for walking into a store or visiting a website? Or, conversely, what if you could pay people a microtransaction for viewing your tweet or watching your YouTube video?

That’s what bntyhntr does.

Vybe, LLC announced Tuesday that they created a new application called bntyhntr. Bntyhntr lets users create and claim bounties for physical and digital locations. Their site allows you to create a QR code and load it with a bounty that people can scan with their phone to claim. When they do, money is automatically and instantly sent to their digital wallet. The bounties can be as much as you want or less than a penny.

“It’s gamified advertising,” Vybe Sales and Marketing Director Gary Ahrens said, “And geocached crypto. We built it for creators so they can attract people to their pages, tweets and videos. It’s also just fun.” 

“It’s like a digital treasure hunt,” Vybe Lead Developer Ravi Dhar added, “You can look at the BNTY list to see where the BNTYs are, then go hunt and scan them for money. You have to get them before other people do.”

Vybe uses blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to make this possible. Users are paid in VYBE, which can be kept or swapped for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Algo or USDC on the AlgoFi (VYBE-Algo) and Pact (VYBE-USDC) decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

“Once you scan the BNTY,” Vybe Developer Pankaj Dhurandhar said, “Boom. You’re paid. The transactions are fast and cheap. Microtransactions like these aren’t possible with banks and credit cards. But they are with blockchains and cryptocurrency.”

Vybe launched bntyhntr Monday and posted the following BNTY so people can try it. If you scan it, you get 100 VYBE:

“Now you’ve been paid to read this article,” Ahrens said. “The creator has your attention, and you’ve been compensated something for it.”

BNTYs can be posted anywhere you can post a jpeg. You can, for example, post BNTYs on your social media sites, hide one like an easter egg in your YouTube video, or place one in a video game linked to your gamer tag. You can also post them at physical locations, like a concert or conference to reward people for coming, or geocache one for a treasure hunt. 

“This empowers creators,” Vybe Developer Belmar “The Beast,” said, “and gamifies micro-transactions.”

This is the second product Vybe has built for creators. The other is tokenized likes. To use Bntyhntr, you need a Vybe account and an Algorand wallet, and you need to opt into VYBE in your wallet so you can receive, hold, and transact it. To learn more about bntyhntr, visit

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.