Own the first Luxury “Bitcoin Pen” From Ancora 1919

Luxury pen-making is an industry that has withstood the changes of industrialization and mass production. The reason is that custom products are much more personal in nature and luxury pens still appeal to the people both because of their artistic appeal and the unique design and production. This is why luxury pen brands like Parker and Hero continue to be used around the world.

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A part of any luxury pen’s appeal is its unique build. For example, you can have a pen shaped from an asteroid’s remaining debris that is mostly metal and so on. This uniqueness attracts people’s attention and that is what imparts most of the pen’s value. Ancora 1919 is a famous luxury pen company from  Milan, Italy. It has remained a famous name in luxury pen business for some time.

The “Ancora” Factor

Some of their ideas are truly unique for example the pens made from the first class luxury cabin frame of the titanic. So, by having a pen like that means owning a piece of history in your study room. That is perhaps one of the most singular products ever created by the Ancora company.

Now there is a new “bitcoin pen” on offer by the famed pen creators an Ancora 1919. The production of the new pen series has been met with curiosity and interest around the world. The pre-booking of the new pen will start from Monday December 18, 2017 and only a handful of these pens will be made so it is a limited edition model.

Early bookers will be able to book the pen at a considerably less price than the retail model because of their early participation in the new product. The Bitcoin Pen will be the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency pen series announced by the company. The company asked for the feedback from its followers regarding the naming of the first pen series and naturally, bitcoin was the winner since it was the pioneering cryptocurrency and started the whole cryptocurrency show. Wise choice!

Once Bitcoin Pen has been produced, the Ancora also aims to start other cryptocurrency pen series. They will possibly include Ethereum Pens, Ripple Pens and Litecoin Pens. So, you can purchase a piece of history of all of these amazing iconic cryptocurrencies in the not-so-distant future!

The number of pens being published will be limited i.e. 88 in total with a gold nib. 888 roller balls will also be produced as part of the project. Each pen will also have a unique, personalized production number that will make the pen the only one in the world. The top-of-the-range platinum numbers (highly coveted numbers such as 01/88, 88/88, 001/888 and 888/888) will go on sale online and customers will be able to buy them for Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). A limited number of gold numbers on these pens will also be available for any interested party wishing for a true taste of decadence.

About Ancora 1919

Ancora 1919 is one of the first Italian manufacturers of luxury pens. 1919 is the date of their commencement of operations. It is the same period around which fountain pens were being mass manufactured and individuality was slowly eroding. The company disclaims mass production for the strong tradition of the present.
Visit the Website for more Information: https://ancora1919.com/