OREN Platform Aims to Fix the Gaming Industry’s Biggest Problems

Video gaming has exploded as an industry since its very recent inception. Many people enjoy playing video games in both multiplayer and single player modes. However, a project called OREN Platform sees one glaring problem with the industry today in gamers not being compensated for their hours spent gaming (usually). OREN Platform is looking to change that and reward players for developing certain skill sets in games and also support game developers that face massive revenue cuts.

The Problems of Gaming Today

In today’s gaming industry, platform publishers largely have the loudest and most powerful voices when it comes to restricting games and determining how revenue from games is allocated. This means that many game developers are missing out on design and programming talent that are put off by the monopoly-like grip that many platform publishers have. These same development teams are also impacted by platform publishers that take very large cuts of games’ overall revenues.

Another large issue is merchant restriction based on location. Game developers in a whole host of countries are unable to participate in the industry and are thus robbed of any revenue they may have otherwise earned from releasing their titles. Payout delays and chargebacks also haunt development companies.

However, gamers themselves are also underrepresented and undercompensated for their role in the industry as well. Pro-gamers may compete for money, but the vast majority of video gaming hours are put in by non-competitive players. OREN Platform believes that it is unfair that these gamers are left without any real incentives beyond completing a story. Rather, the company believes that skill building should be rewarded.

Oren and the Blockchain to the Rescue

OREN Platform aims to solve these glaring issues in the industry by utilizing the blockchain. The platform itself will support building games for any OS in any programming language. Since it is a decentralized blockchain, it is not subject to the same restrictions that current publishing platforms put in place. The company is hoping to give everyone in the industry a voice, for a change. Hundreds of publishing platforms – called Host Nodes – will be connected to each other. Clusters of game developers and host nodes will decide how the revenue stream will be divided on a per game per host node basis. Smart contracts ensure that the revenue distribution takes place automatically, instantly, and transparently.

OREN believes that it can incentivize gamers to continue making games great by rewarding their dedication, skills, and in-game creativity. It plans to do this by making game items and loot tradeable against its OREN coin. OREN coins can be exchanged using the built-in decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for Bitcoin or other highly liquid altcoins. The team also says they are working on integrating fiat payments as well.

Token PreSale

The project will be running a token presale in about a week, during which individuals will be able to purchase the OREN token to help fund the next stage of development for the project.

Check out OREN Platform’s website here: https://orenplatform.com/

Here is a link to the presale: https://orenplatform.com/#tokensale

Read through the Whitepaper here: https://orenplatform.com/documents/whitepaper.pdf

Promotional Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeyzwmwxhTY


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