Open Whisper Systems Taps Bitcoin To Boost Signal Crowdfunding Effort

Privacy advocates will know the Signal platform, which aims to provide full encrypted communication between users all over the world. Open Whisper Systems, the developers of the Signal app, are now accepting Bitcoin donations, which is quite a significant milestone. This is another valid use case for the cryptocurrency, and a sign that more and more people are aware of what Bitcoin can bring to the table.

Signal Is A Must-Have For People Valuing Privacy

Anyone in the world who prefers to have their communications encrypted and safe from prying eyes should take a keen interest in Signal. Although this is yet another proprietary app to use, it is a great tool to encourage freedom of speech on the internet. In some countries, that is an elusive privilege, which makes platforms such as Signal all the more valuable.

It is not entirely surprising to see Open Whisper Systems venture into the world of Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency provides people with similar traits as what the app has, but in the financial world, rather than that of communication. Financial inclusion is of the utmost importance right now, yet very few traditional payment options can offer that.

Freedom Press is the fiscal sponsor of Signal, and they are currently hosting a crowdfunding campaign. Development and maintenance for this platform are quite costly, and the team hopes to raise at least US$100,000. So far, just under US$400 has been donated. However, this campaign is not necessarily time-based, as it is possible to contribute once or on a monthly basis.

Albeit this news is great for Bitcoin users all over the world, there are still some caveats to take into account when it comes to using Signal. For starters, the app required a phone number to use, which puts some people off. For those people valuing privacy and/or anonymity, giving up a mobile phone number is not a step they are willing to take.

That being said, individual Bitcoin users can make up their own minds whether or not they should donate to Signal. This news does not mean that the platform will integrate cryptocurrency payments immediately, though. If that were to become a possibility, a lot more people would be excited to use Signal.

In the end, any platform or project that is legitimate and accepts bitcoin donations is a positive development for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This change, however, will not put Bitcoin on the global map by any means, and it goes to show that cryptocurrency is on the minds of a lot of people–that or Open Whisper Systems wants to capitalize on the Bitcoin “hype” right now.

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