Bitwala Launches Secure Wallet Service For Bitcoin Users

Bitwala continues to launch a load of new products in quick succession. The company is putting Bitcoin on the map like never before, and their new wallet feature can be useful for both novice and experienced cryptocurrency users. This news comes on the heels of the company releasing Bitwala Messenger, which lets users send funds to other people via chat commands.

The Bitwala Wallet Has Arrived

Although the Bitwala platform is quite versatile regarding what it offers, some people wanted to use it as a wallet service. Up until now, that not possible, as the company was redistributing Bitcoin transactions to external wallet addresses only. That had come to change, though, and users can set up their wallet from their user account.

This new addition will help the Bitwala ecosystem grow as a whole. Users can send pay and send cryptocurrency from within the site itself. While it is still advisable to keep an external wallet for security reasons, it can be a handy tool to receive payments. Additionally, users can also send funds from the wallet directly.

Any online wallet will only be successful depending on how much access the users have. Bitwala will give their users full control over their funds, as no one will be able to freeze assets. This seems to indicate users can export their private key, albeit that has not been confirmed by the company. A separate password will need to be set up for the wallet, though, and it appears that will not be stored on the Bitwala servers.

In the grand scheme of things, the Bitwala platform offers a myriad of different solutions Bitcoin users can explore. Issuing international bank transfers and topping up a debit card are two of the primary features. But it is also possible to use the net Bitwala Messenger to send and receive funds through chat commands.

It is good to see companies embrace Bitcoin to the fullest, and offer different services users will enjoy. Creating a new business and focusing on only one product or service is no longer a viable strategy. At the same time, account security is of the utmost importance, and Bitwala applies high-security standards and compliance to ensure smooth operations.

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