OneCoin Scam Keeps Up Appearances During Frankfurt Am Main Seminar

Many things can be said about the OneCoin project: it is a scam, everything is a lie, and people shouldn’t invest in it. All of those statements are 100% true, but that isn’t keeping the project’s upper brass from keeping up appearances. A new OneCoin seminar took place earlier today in Frankfurt am Main, where everything related to this topic was discussed. Moreover, the Ponzi scheme hopes to attract new investors at the same time.

OneCoin Seminar In Frankfurt am Main

Every event related to the OneCoin initiative is nothing more than a blatant marketing stunt. It does not take a degree in rocket science to figure out that OneCoin is an outright scam, where members trick people into investing in what they believe to be the currency of the future. There is no currency to speak of, however, other than manipulated databases filled with numbers which update now and then.

Only so many people will ever invest in this ponzi scheme, which forces the OneCoin team to look elsewhere. OneCoin ambassador, Kari Wahlroos, hosted a seminar in Frankfurt am Main earlier today, explaining the project’s concept to all attendees. It also appears that the same seminar will come to Australia, shortly.

During this five-hour event, a workshop has been created to focus on everything OneCoin. It is evident that the team behind this Ponzi scheme wants nothing more than to help people transition to an era of new digital payments. Unfortunately for them, OneCoin will not be that payment method, as no merchant accepts it other than the ones working together with this MLM scheme.

For those people who have never heard of Kari Wahlroos, this person is advertised as “the MVP of MLM schemes”. This is not a title most people would be comfortable with, as it begs the question of how this person can look in the mirror and live with himself when filling this position. Then again, some people have no conscience, it seems, so that’s that.

It is evident for everyone to see what the real objective of this seminar is. OneCoin promoters do not care about education or helping others, as all they want to do is enrich themselves. Getting uneducated people to invest in OneCoin is the ultimate goal, achieved by tricking them into believing that they will make a huge income by virtually doing nothing but attracting other investors.

For those who effectively invest in OneCoin, it is only a matter of time until they lose all their money. Even though account balances will reflect earnings over time, withdrawing money from this Ponzi scheme is virtually impossible. People who claim to have “earned” a lot of money with OneCoin should try to withdraw it; they will soon realize that it is impossible.

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