One Hour Essays Accepting Bitcoin Payments

More and more services and merchants are starting to see the benefits of accepting Bitcoin payments, as it is quick, easy to implement and comes with low to zero fees per transaction. Speaking of quick, One Hour Essays is a new online service which started accepting Bitcoin since yesterday. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer, shall we?

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The term “essay” can be used quite loosely here, as the service claims to cater towards both high school and university students. Needless to say, when I was in high school, it was relatively easy to complete an essay on any topic within the hour. Especially when the Internet started playing a bigger role in our lives.

During my brief stint at university, however, it became clear that the essays those professors expect you to write can not be completed that easily. Some of them will even take several months in order to finish. Not to mention how they expect it to be a certain amount of pages, words and whatnot.

One Hour Essays can write your essay up to 1,000 words for the price of US$100. It doesn’t even matter which topic it should be about, as they can cover pretty much anything you need. In fact, they even go as far as offering their customers a guaranteed B+ or else you get a 25% discount on the essay price.

The One Hour Essays website looks pretty bad, to be blunt. Anyone with a bit of HTML skills or even a WYSIWYG editor with very little functionality – can create something that looks far more professional. A white background, some black text and a crooked clock at the bottom is all you will need to be convinced apparently.

One Hour To Do It All

One Hour Essays guarantees customers the work will be completed within one hour of receiving the payment – in Bitcoin or via Paypal. The team consists of multiple [read: eight] professional writers,  who are instantly notified whenever a new job has been accepted. Whoever jumps on the task first will be given one hour to send the finalized version to the customer.

In order to make a purchase from One Hour Essays, you need to send them an email with all of the relevant info, such as your details, the topic you need covered, additional specifications, et cetera. Once the job has been accepted, you should receive your essay the following hour, delivered directly to your mailbox.

It is great to see new services opening up in order to work with the Bitcoin payment model. However, if you are in university, this service may not be the best for you, as they expect a certain quality and standard. For high school students, this might just be what you are looking for.


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