On.Live video streaming revolution!

Video streaming is strongly rooted in the landscape of today’s internet. From subscription services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon up to extensive usage of web sites, primary YouTube we can see enormous growth in video IP traffic. Cisco in its report from June 2017 states that video traffic in 2021 alone will constitute 82% of total 3.3 ZB, up from 73% and 1.2 ZB in 2016.

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There is visible shift towards mobile as the viewing device with predicted CAGR for years 2016-2021 as high as 55%. This trend is fueled by increased numbers of smartphone owners, development of new high speed radio networks and falling prices both for new smartphones and subscription plans.

The growth in internet video traffic to TV is little less prominent but still, the growth ratio for 5 years of 27% may be considered high. This segment of the market is serviced mostly by SVOD providers connected with big media companies, some of them running their businesses worldwide.

Some of the increased traffic numbers in predictions may be due to HD to 4K quality switch, but the most of it can be attributed to generic shift in content consumption models across population. There is increased trend away from written word and toward descriptive videos. This trend emanates mostly throughout video marketing. We are living now in video-first world and video is at the hearth of majority apps and services. 64% of consumers makes their purchase decisions based on watched product presentations in the internet. What’s interesting the gross of those presentations are performed by independent influencers on their private channels. For example, only 8% of marketing videos on YouTube is published by media companies. Facebook shows little different ratios with more activity of advertising agencies but video marketing done by influencers is its heyday nonetheless.

Among all possible video transmissions subtypes, life video is predicted to have the most substantial growth ratio in upcoming years. Live broadcast will account for 13% of Internet video traffic in 2021. A massive 15-fold increase from just 0,87% in 2016. Market studies show there is really big potential in live streaming. Most of today’s live transmissions are performed through software like skype or FaceTime and by corporate telepresence systems. But there are much more applications for live streaming, both in b2b and b2c segments of the market. Companies in various industries lean toward on-line interactive client servicing and acquisition. It’s there, where the predicted growth will explode. Live video transmission is very convenient and cost effective for every business where direct contact with the other side, whether it is another company or regular customer is required. This is applicable to many industries like financial advices, legal counsel, insurance, employer training and medical consultations just to name few. Big companies are able to deploy their own systems for servicing their own clients. Individuals could take advantage of live streaming option on existing video platforms. But all those systems have many flaws concerning such transmissions. Live video option looks on them almost like an afterthought. They lack crucial functionalities required by individuals, and are almost completely useless for businesses, maybe only with exclusion of some sort of marketing activities. The fundamental problem lays in monetization of the live content. No current video platform has devised financial model which would fuel and sustain rise in number of live transmissions across the Internet. And no one has proposed financial model specifically beneficial for streamers.

Such situation led to the idea and creation of a new platform based on entirely new paradigm of operation and new business model which opens entirely new possibilities for business or individuals and also promises consolidation of many different industries under one umbrella.

On.Live is marketplace for live advices, and mass video broadcasts. It was created with users and their interests in mind. Our team had approached monetization problem from totally different angle.

In On.Live the users have total freedom in setting their own price for their streamed live video advice and broadcasts. Payments for the service providers are never limited due to insufficient number of subscribers. In fact, funds are transferred from customer to service provider directly. The platform is a mere agent here. With On.Live any business owner or enthusiast can earn on live video streaming with every single recipient or subscriber to their content. There is no need to build user base to be profitable. On.Live is also the first fully tokenized video platform. It means that sole payment method for services on the platform is ONL token. Customers who want to access payed content on the platform simply exchange their regular currency for ONL tokens, and then pay for services with it. Of course reverse operation and withdrawal of owned or earned tokens is also possible. What is truly revolutionary, the platform account settling system is built on top of ethereum blockchain which insures almost immediate transfer of funds and together with build escrow solution guarantees sanctity of means of payment on every user account. No matter if you are professional or hobbyist, On.Live creates the space for everyone to monetize on your talent, or knowledge of the trade. On.Live does it in new, unprecedented way, inscribing itself into new rising market of live video streaming, but unlike others, does it with community interest in mind.

Join On.Live and hop into the new fascinating world of profitable live streaming! Join the revolution!