On.Live, Providing a Currency, a Marketplace and Being a Force for Good

Among many of the goods you can purchase online using cryptocurrencies, the most noticeable marketplace has been the now defunct silk road. While the dubious moral and ethical trades conducted via that platform have ultimately led to its rightful demise, it serves well to demonstrate the level of anonymity that the usage of cryptocurrency allows its users.

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This anonymity can be utilized towards a nefarious goal, but it can also serve as a means to secure freedom of speech, freedom of expression and safeguard against any form of oppression, be it political, social or ultimately – financial. Although lately, the US government had demanded data on 14,355 account holders, in an apparent tax crackdown. Nevertheless, it is not taxation that has to be avoided.

Consider On.Live platform – an amazing tool to create and broadcast valuable content that could be blocked and made unavailable to many viewers for many reasons. It could be a learning platform educating a population of one country on the intricacies of international policies in ways that are simply unavailable in their state. It could be potentially life-saving instructions on medical matters that are funded by charities that cannot use (for various reasons) regular bank accounts in a given country, so they must rely on alt coins provided without interference of state controlled institutions.

All that is being said here is that cryptocurrencies can be used as a force for good as well as a force for the sinister. Much like real money, all it needs is a right platform and a bright idea to spread value throughout the world.

On.Live is a platform designed to meet requirements of online broadcasters by providing an all-in-one service to people from all over the world who want to earn money by presenting valuable content in various business models (Pay Per View, Pay Per Minute, In-Stream Payments).

This applies to many industries or professions – Lawyers, Doctors, Weight Loss Trainers, Job Seekers, Fitness, Education, Insurance, Language learnings, Financial advice and many more. This powerful B2B and B2C tech can be used on a number of verticals, including Workshops, Practical tutorials, Sports, Conferences, TV, SVOD, Music, eLearning, Wellbeing, Charity, etc.

The platform concentrates mainly on live broadcasts and its ultimate goal is to become a live advising services provider where the customer will always find a team of specialists and valuable content on hand to provide easy access to their knowledge.

However, as with everything, knowledge, technical hubs, equipment and know-how generate real costs regardless of the virtual environment in which they are utilized. Enter the On.Live tokens – a form of cryptocurrency devised in order to pay for the services rendered through the platform.

As other cryptocurrencies they offer security via an elaborate blockchain algorithm. Blockchain is, in simple terms a decentralized network maintained by its users. Only when the User’s computer and many others verify and agree that certain transaction is real, it is recorded in the distributed ledger designed to make each account secure and accountable without the need for third parties. This is the underlying principle that brings about the revolution – your transactions are opaque – fully protected against the prying eyes of any Big Brother out there. While your stock of tokens may be subject to local laws and taxes, the way you choose to spent this virtual cash remains as private as possible.

This privacy evokes the images of oppressed masses brewing a plan to overthrow governments, of deprived people empowered in a way not possible and not seen previously.

Here we touch on the true value of cryptocurrencies – a way to touch real lives through a completely virtual construct. Add to it the versatility of platforms such as On.Live – the true aim of which is to provide valuable content and information, while democratizing the way in which its participants generate income.

For On.Live is not just designed to provide content – every participant can actively take on one of many roles that allow them to provide indispensable services within the platform and make money at the same time.

There are many revenue-generating roles for On.Live platform users. One does not have to provide exclusive content to create an income stream. As this is a true online broadcasting marketplace, there are various services to provide and make money on:

Broadcaster – perhaps the most self-explanatory role, broadcaster produces and broadcasts the content over the network.

Service provider – a more diverse position for anyone who has a skill that he or she can sell via our system and create private offers.

Transcoder – Transcoder simply transcodes the broadcasting stream into other formats. The transcoder can also perform the duties of a Relay Node.

Relay Node – transmits the stream to recipients without transcoding it.

The Recipient – finally there is the Recipient who watches the stream and buys services or content.

Within an open environment provided by On.Live, anyone can play a role that best suits their technical abilities and particular skillsets. Furthermore, this system is so versatile that virtually anyone with access to the internet may become a user. This applies not just to individuals, but also to companies, be it small businesses or large enterprises – even TV stations and advertising networks. This is indeed a huge step in creating a truly free and diverse online broadcasting marketplace.

It is also so much more, the vision behind this enterprise truly encompasses many possibilities which are to be made real by end users. It could help in education in what is – rather condescendingly – referred to as „third world countries”, it could help political dissidents, it could provide much needed learning to students in remote locations – all of this is a part of a fabulous revolution made possible by rise of virtual currencies and employment of cryptography in its propagation.