Now Is Your Chance To Pick Up A Cheap Apple Watch At Best Buy

Buying an Apple watch is not something most consumers have at the top of their priority list. Wearables just aren’t that appealing to most shoppers, and they can be rather a nuisance than comfort. But Apple wants to get these devices into the hands of as many people as possible and is cutting the device’s price when Best Buy customers buy a new iPhone.

The Apple Watch Struggles For Traction

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One of the biggest problems devices such as the Apple Watch face is consumer enthusiasm and adoption. For most people, their smartphone has replaced the need for a watch entirely, and it doesn’t have to sit on one’s wrist either. Moreover, the real Apple aficionados had already purchased their Apple Watch when it was officially released.

But that is not good news for the tech giant, as they want more consumers to get excited about the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, that also means these customers will need an iPhone of some sorts, preferably one of the recent and most expensive editions. Once again, not something the average person on the street will care much about.

But this is where the Apple marketing team earns their paycheck, as they have come up with a brilliant idea. By bundling the Apple Watch with a new iPhone, sales of both devices should start picking up in the not-so-distant future. In fact, buying this particular ‘bundle” at a local Best Buy results in a US$250 discount on the Apple Watch itself.

Sweetening the deal when consumers are on the verge of spending half of their paycheck on an iDevice is a smart move on Apple’s part. By “reducing” the Apple Watch price to US$40, it becomes much harder for the consumer to say no to this deal. That is, assuming they buy an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, and not one of the previous versions.

Some people may see this as a desperate attempt by Apple to remain relevant in the wearables industry. Albeit the technology giant has a solid reputation, their smartwatches are not such a hot commodity. But the company should not worry too much about that, as most people couldn’t care less about wearables at this stage.

Source: CNET

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