Next-generation crypto exchange Bitmora to launch in Q2 2018

Contributors to the ongoing Bitmora crowdfunding campaign will be pleased at the recent announcement from its developers that its modern cryptocurrency exchange platform will be officially launched soon, in the second quarter of the year.

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While already experiencing a genuine support for its crowdfund, the founders will see this target as a significant pointer of progress, looking back at over a year of development on what promises to be a modern cryptocurrency exchange that will surpass the capabilities and features of those in the current market.

Bitmora is coming soon, staying for the long haul

Keen to distance itself from other exchanges in a growing crowd of crypto exchange platforms, Bitmora insists that its mission is not only to be the trading platform of choice but also to advocate for cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain technologies, carrying a global message that speaks loudly about the advantages of decentralized finance to an audience of traders and investors.

Bitmora CEO Colton Brister believes that education plays a central role for the mainstream awareness and adoption of blockchain, emphasizing that while blockchain has now become a familiar term, deeper understanding of the opportunities it creates is still lacking. To this end, Bitmora plans to develop a full-feature educational section on its platform, featuring certified blockchain developers that will deliver lectures and hold interactive courses for users.

While helping ensure that proper blockchain education is delivered to the masses, Bitmora will also focus on retail crypto traders, helping them professionalize their skills by way of providing detailed lessons on trading disciplines such as portfolio management, risk management and technical analysis.

Designed for a burgeoning demand, Bitmora’s infrastructure will already be ready to handle over 1 million transactions per second, a capacity that will continuously grow at and after its launch. Recognizing the most common demands of modern traders, transactions will feature instantaneous execution with zero tolerance for lag.

Redressing the unbalanced power of centralized exchanges

Apart from the functionality of its platform, Bitmora users will benefit from a new experience of live phone support and guaranteed support ticket response times – lacking in most major exchanges. CEO Colton Brister acknowledged the growing frustration of crypto traders kept in the dark and wondering about the fate of their funds when exchanges fail to attend to them:

“The fact that you can operate as a Money Services Business with the authority to lock up your customers’ funds and then deny them the right to a simple phone call is unacceptable. We want our customers to call us if they have an issue with their account. Our dedicated support team will be there to assist them every step of the way to resolution.”

A different take on crypto-related crowdfunding

Bitmora’s crowdfunding campaign stands apart from the mass of other blockchain startups choosing the token sale model. Instead of selling tokens or coins, participants are contributing funds in return for a share of revenue proportional to the funds sent and volume of exchange. All contributors will also gain exclusive access to the beta platform upon launching, essentially becoming the very first traders to exchange on Bitmora.

Once the desktop and mobile apps are ready, the company plans to make the beta program an official part of Bitmora, with contributors able to test all their new features.

Members of Bitmora are already able to access a voting portal to make their voices heard with regards to future development directions.

To learn more about Bitmora, visit their website and read the technical whitepaper. For updates on social media, check out their Twitter account, Facebook page and BitcoinTalk thread.