New York Officials Want to Achieve Novel Coronavirus “Herd Immunity”

In the United States, the novel coronavirus continues to make a lot of headlines. Especially New York is a region of concern, especially now that COVID-19 cases are no longer being tracked. 

To be more specific, this doesn’t mean people will no longer receive treatment if they begin showing symptoms.

Novel Coronavirus is Spreading in New York

It appears that NY officials are convinced that everyone has come into contact with the virus in one way or another.

A very worrisome thought, assuming there is any truth regarding this statement.

It is certainly true that the novel coronavirus is very widespread on a global scale.

Keeping track of whoever may be a potential carrier is seemingly becoming a burden.

Claiming how the tracing of the number of infections is redundant will not sit well with a lot of people.

In the same report, officials mention how New York may be “hurt until late fall or later.

Using resources wisely is always advised during a pandemic such as this one.

Making testing “less important” is not necessarily the best way to phrase this new approach by any means.

Authorities also hope to create “herd immunity” for the novel coronavirus.

That strategy can work in theory, but it is not a proven method of handling the current pandemic by any means.