New York Healthcare Officials Show Increasing Interest in Blockchain

Using blockchain technology during a global pandemic would have seemed to be a no-brainer a few years ago. Today, it is anything but a given, although there are some different aspects being explored moving forward.

In New York, one particular coronavirus-related blockchain effort is worth keeping an eye on.

Blockchain Becomes of Big Interest all of a Sudden

It is designed to track drugs, patients, and the spread of this pandemic accordingly.

As the New York healthcare industry is looking at the potential use cases for blockchain, some new cases may come to light overall. 

For now, the main points of focus include patient record tracking, keeping track of drugs and supplies, and perhaps keeping tabs on infected regions in New York.

In terms of patient records, there are some benefits to blockchain one can’t find anywhere else.

More specifically, this data is supposed to be confidential and private, which is difficult to achieve when relying on traditional databases.

It also makes some sense to share health data over  a distributed ledger.

Patients would remain anonymous – except when sharing data, which would be a vast improvement.

In terms of drug supply chains, there are still some issues to explore moving forward. 

More research and development is needed prior to determining how viable all of this technology really is.