New Kickstarter Aims to Get People Excited About Blockchain Development

Global interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain has never been higher. As such, a lot of people are wondering how difficult it would be to build their own blockchain and associated currency. A new Kickstarter campaign aims to be rather helpful in this regard. This campaign offers a course to help people create their own blockchain ecosystem with relative ease.

Blockchain A-Z on Kickstarter

On the one hand, it is good to see growing interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. With more people talking about these topics, it is only a matter of time until more developers start building applications and other tools. Right now, we’re starting to see an interesting shift in this regard, as the number of blockchain-based projects has exploded.

At the same time, one has to wonder how many of these ideas really need a blockchain, let alone a native currency. A lot of the world’s problems can be addressed without blockchain technology, after all. Given this new Kickstarter campaign, it seems we will only see more blockchain-based projects which may or may not serve any real-world purposes.

The crowdfunding campaign offers a course on blockchain development from A to Z. It is a modular course which touches upon many aspects of this nascent technology. It appears there are a total of three modules which cover blockchain development itself, but contributors can unlock a wide array of bonus material as well.

Depending on how much money one pledges, these bonuses include a video on crypto truths, ICO investing, Kickstarter-exclusive modules, and a course on Python. It is an interesting venture that will hopefully get more people excited about the “unlimited potential” of blockchain technology. We can only hope that not all of those people will build a new ecosystem for some task or problem that could have been solved much more quickly with a more traditional approach.

The big question is whether or not this Kickstarter campaign will lead to another influx of altcoins which no one needs or asked for. As of right now, there are close to 10,000 different cryptocurrencies out there. More than 99% of them either have no purpose, are no longer in development, or have completed their pump-and-dump cycles to make their developers rich. More such currencies is the last thing the cryptocurrency world needs right now. Meaningful projects are more than welcome, but they are not all that easy to come by right now.

So far, it seems this Kickstarter campaign has been quite successful already. The campaign goal has been reached with relative ease, and there are still several days to go. It is evident that people are extremely interested in building something with blockchain technology. Whether or not that is a good thing remains to be determined.