New Key Hires Should Help Put Digital Asset Holdings On The Global Map

Digital Asset Holdings is a well-respected name in the world of blockchain development. Thanks to a series of strategic partnerships and acquisitions, the company headed by Blythe Masters has been making a name for itself. But the company also wants to establish a presence around the world, and several key senior hires have been made.

Expanding The Digital Asset Holdings Staff

Bringing blockchain solutions to established financial players is a rather straightforward task. Doing so requires people passionate about the technology, but also team members with expertise in the financial sector. This latter group has been expanded upon recently, as Digital Asset Holdings went on an aggressive campaign to hire more staffers.


Fishing in the pond of experienced finance staffers is a sound decision by the blockchain startup. So far, a total of eight new members to its boards, all of whom will help to grow the company’s presence throughout the world. The startup opened some new offices recently, and is slowly filling the emptys eats at the table through these acquisitions.

Any company in the blockchain industry has to evolve constantly. Key hires are an important aspect of growing a business, and Digital Asset Holdings wants to meet clients’ needs. Their new hires will staff offices in New York, London, and Frankfurt, for the time being. It is good to see the company expand its presence in Europe, as blockchain innovation can really thrive on the continent.

Digital Asset Holdings CEO Blythe Masters told the media:

“I am delighted to welcome such talented and experienced individuals to our team. We are privileged to tap into the expertise of these world-class leaders with deep expertise and proven track records in the specific areas that will be critical to accelerating our efforts to the benefit of our customers.”

All of these new hires each has their own field of expertise, which will benefit the growth of Digital Asset Holdings. Moreover, they all have their individual professional networks, which can be used to attract new partners and investors over time. Exciting times are ahead for the blockchain all over the world, that much is certain.

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