New Browser Lets User Access the Web 3.0

The Unstoppable Domains project has proven to be incredibly successful. Accessing these new domain names is still somewhat difficult with traditional tools. 

Thankfully, it appears that a solution has appeared.

Accessing the Web 3.0 Through a Browser

Known as the Unstoppable Blockchain Browser, it provides access to the web 3.0.

This includes any domains registered through the Unstoppable Domains venture.

With no middlemen involved in any of the browsing processes, it is also the first browser to effectively avoid censorship altogether.

Making the decentralized web accessible to the entire world marks an important milestone.

Getting people to use yet another browser for this specific purpose, however, is a different matter.

There are plenty of browsers to choose from already.

Most people stick with Chrome, Firefox, or even Microsoft Edge.

Recent competition from Brave shows that there is a demand for alternative solutions.

That won’t make the Unstoppable Blockchain Browser successful automatically, however. 

It is certainly a step in the right direction, albeit targeted at a very niche market.

Most people outside of the crypto industry don’t even know the web 3.0 hype is genuine.

By providing a new browser, that situation may come to change fairly quickly.

However, keeping people engaged in the web 3,0 sphere will prove challenging on many different levels.