NAV Coin Joins Proof-of-Stake Online Wallet Community

NAV Coin continues to turn heads in the cryptocurrency ecosystem these days. Now that the transition to their new coin has been completed successfully, the team set out to create their web wallet. What makes this offering rather interesting is how it offers full proof-of-take functionality. An exciting development for this popular cryptocurrency and a feature lots of people will thoroughly enjoy.

The NAV Coin Proof-of-stake Online Wallet

It is always good to see innovations in the alternative cryptocurrency space. Proof-of-stake coins have often forced users to keep several wallets running on their computer at the same time. Unless the software is running in the background and connected to the Internet at all times, a PoS wallet will not generate interest.

This allows NAV users to move funds to this secure online wallet alternative. As these wallets are always running and connected to the Internet users can turn off their computer or other web servers to reap the reward of holding NAV. Although this may not be a solution for everyone, it presents an attractive alternative to running one’s wallet.

There is an online wallet community called Proof Of Stake wallet. Among the members of this community are various wallet developers, who are adding new supported coins on a regular basis. NAV Coin was selected as one of the 12 lucky participants due to its high-end programming and unique technology.

But there are other advantages for NAV holders, as they will receive instant global transfers when using this online POS wallet. Transaction fees will be reduced to 1%, and there are additional security features to enjoy. The convenience factor will be the biggest selling point for this concept, though.

A future update of the POS wallet will let users download the private keys to their wallet. This is quite novel in the altcoin scene, as most wallet providers do not give users full control over their funds. With these private keys, NAV holders can import their funds into a different solution when needed. It will be interesting to see how this news will affect the NAV Coin price moving forward.

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