Markets Respond Positively To Upcoming NAV Coin Swap

NAV coin is one of the alternative cryptocurrencies which flies under most people’s radar, albeit it might be a good idea to start paying attention very soon. The currency claims the title of being the world’s first anonymous cryptocurrency, and there will be a coin swap to bring more features to NAV coin. So far, the markets seem to be responding with a price surge.

Keep An Eye On NAV Coin

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Anonymity is not something users natively find in cryptocurrency. Take a look at Bitcoin, for example, which offers pseudonymity traits but is far from anonymous. NAV coin is something entirely different, as the developers are focusing solely on making this cryptocurrency anonymous. Moreover, they bring additional features to this project to the table with every updated.

The NAV Development Team told us the following:

“The goal of the NAV coin swap is to improve the performance of NAV for it’s investors and give us the code base to launch NAV into a strong future. Our future will be development heavy; we pride NAV on being a tech strong coin and we like keep on the cutting edge of altcoin technology – after all we are nerds.”

A new NAV wallet will be released, sporting trademark colors and quite some horsepower. Users will now be able to connect to the Bittrex exchange through their API key, which opens up opportunities to directly trade NAV within the wallet. Plus, the developers enabled encrypted wallet-to-wallet private messaging as well.

But there are more improvements coming once the swap has been completed. HD Wallet support is the top priority for the NAV developers, as well as introduced a passphrase protected private key through BIP38. The maximum block size for NAV will be increased to 20MB, and mined blocks will be subject to a maximum block size of 10MB. Moreover, the team is also working on a Raspberry Pi staking unit. Last but not least, they also announced the world’s first anonymous mobile cryptocurrency wallet solution, based on BIP32.

The NAV coin swap was announced on April 14, 2016; and the market has responded in a positive manner. The price across exchanges has increased over time, and the team expects further growth over the next few weeks. Bittrex will be the place to be for the NAV coin swap, which takes place on May 31, 2016.

Source: Press Release Via Email

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