Nauticus Exchange Announces Beta Testing For Interface, Two More Weeks Left in TGE

Melbourne based Nauticus, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, just announced the release of its new interface, ready for beta testing. The public launch is to follow soon within the next few months.

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There’s also around 2 more weeks left to participate in Nauticus’ TGE, ending May 18th. The TGE has already generated $14.6 million, putting it close to how much the Binance ICO made last year. Nauticus coin allows users to receive a 50% reduction in fees, much like Binance’s native token as well.

Nauticus exchange looks to make purchasing Bitcoin and one of 100 other altcoins as easy as ordering a pizza.

New users jump to what’s easiest

Users interested in jumping into Bitcoin are quickly discouraged when it comes to the initial setup. Hot and cold wallets, addresses, which look like arbitrary strings of digits and letters, aren’t very user-friendly or human readable. Plus, the risk of losing your money forever with no guarantee of restitution is a risk that even advanced crypto users have to be diligent against.

This made Bitcoin service providers with the most intuitive interfaces the most popular, allowing Coinbase in the US to quickly rise to the top, with CoinSpot in Australia performing similarly.

The cost of newbie friendly cryptocurrency sites

But while they make purchasing crypto possible, they’re also very expensive ways to do so, and consumers pay for that. CoinSpot’s transaction fee can be up to 10x higher than an average exchange commission, and Coinbase charges a rate 50% higher than that of CoinSpot’s in their “payment” fees.

Users of “beginner-friendly” sites like the above typically get less crypto for their money even without these fees, due to a spread built into the exchange rates themselves.

For example, on April 25, 1 BTC cost $43 more on Coinbase compared to Binance, and it cost AUD$46 more on CoinSpot compared to Australian exchange BTC Markets.

Nauticus Exchange: new user-friendly and cost-effective

This is where Nauticus exchange comes in. The market is ripe for a provider that is beginner friendly, with low fees and low spread. Nauticus attains both, with 0.1 percent fees and fair market rates.

The exchange guides users every step of the way to purchase cryptocurrency, making it as easy as possible for people from all types of education, technical know-how, and walks of life to purchase crypto.

It will even cater to users on the go, with a mobile wallet and exchange application to be supported by both Android and iOS devices.

On top of the 100 cryptocurrencies offered, Nauticus Exchange allows users to trade these against 7 fiat currencies: CNY, USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD, and ZAR. This makes Nauticus not only a one-stop for crypto needs, but fiat needs as well.

Visit Nauticus’s website to learn more, as well as register and receive 100 NTS for free.
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