National Aten Coin Foundation and IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Partner For Conference

Aten Coin has recently announced their third conference on the topic of cryptocurrency and how to improve the overall ecosystem. This particular event will take place in Chicago, and is organised in association with IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Aten Coin Conference Comes To Chicago

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The United States is an important region for cryptocurrency and regulation, and the National Aten Coin Foundation has partnered with IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law to host a conference on these topics. On the list of topics are looking beyond Bitcoin, privacy, money, crime, and the role of digital currency in all of this.

Although this is a one-day conference, there is a lot to talk about during the day. After a world of welcome, Aten Coin conference attendees will hear Joseph Silvia talk about the Bank Secrecy Act, Money Laundering, and Digital Currency. This particular trinity of topics has been touched upon in the media several times in the past, as many government officials feel Bitcoin and cryptocurrency facilitate money laundering.

Another panel worth noting is the one of privacy versus security tradeoffs. The panellists are Pillsbury Law’s Ian Schick, Martin Mushkin, and Chicago-Kent College of Law Richard Warner. Despite  the potential digital currency holds today, there are concerns regarding how privacy-centric these currencies are. Bitcoin, for example, offers some pseudonymity, but it is not a privacy-centric solution by any means.

The big question a lot of people are asking themselves is whether or not Aten Coin can address all of these challenges, and if so, how they are planning to go about things. Keeping in mind how Aten Coin is all about preventing money laundering and being fully compliant with regulatory and legislative guidelines, there may still be some challenges ahead.

What is even more interesting is how this event will be held completely free of charge, as Aten Coin wants to attract as many people as possible to their ecosystem. Everyone who is in the Chicago area should check out this upcoming Aten Coin conference, as there are lots of interesting discussions on the agenda.

Website: Aten Coin Conference

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