A cryptocurrency gets accepted into the American Bankers Association

Being accepted in the American Bankers Association (ABA) represents an achievement that is often seen with the same importance as being listed on the New York Stock Exchange by cryptocurrency owners and investors from all around the world.

A surprising development shows that National Aten Coin, which is also the creator of the Aten Black Coin, was recently accepted into the ABA, which is practically the hub for the U.S. banking industry, as it manages a total of around $15 trillion. After being accepted as a Platinum Service Member, this means that NAC will be lucky enough to join a prestigious group of banks, which are currently being used by the ABA in order to safeguard around $11 trillion in assets, but also around $8 trillion in loans, which are incredibly high amounts.

This achievement has encouraged the owner of the coin to go ahead and invest a large amount of money in order to promote it further, while also ensuring that the platform it runs on is well-updated and ready to be used by people from all around the world Marcus Andrade, CEO of NAC also believes that in a couple of years, the cryptocurrency will turn out to be the industry leader on the cryptocurrency market. Although this goal is a bit far off at this moment as Bitcoin is the absolute leader on the market, nothing is impossible

However, the acceptance of NAC into the ABA also proves an interesting point. So far, people mostly thought that banks were against cryptocurrencies because of their volatility, but also because many of them were vulnerable and unreliable. In this case, NAC is playing an important role in eradicating the trust issues that cryptocurrencies had to deal with until now, while also proving that if used correctly and with regulatory practices, they can turn out to be quite safe, while also representing a reliable system. Reports also indicate that banks have been looking for a cryptocurrency that is good enough to handle all of their stringent standards and it seems like NAC is one of the first ones to actually be accepted. While the level of acceptance is still very small, if the coin proves itself to be trustworthy, then chances are that more banks will start considering the idea of being more open-minded towards the cryptocurrency market.

It is also worth keeping in mind that this has only been made possible because the coin does follow a couple of strict rules, which doesn’t allow it to be influenced too much by the market. However, it still keeps a decentralized status, and the fact that it works on an innovative platform will do nothing more than grant it more popularity.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about the ABA accepting NAC as a cryptocurrency? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.