Nametoken Increases the Value of a Domain by 7200%

The domain registry market can be a lucrative area that many people do not consider for investment. Various domain names can be worth a lot of money to the right buyer. A project called Nametoken is looking to tap into that market, and it already has a success story to tell.

Nametoken Business Acumen Sees Potential in Domain Registry Market

While domain names can be and have sold for literally millions of dollars in the past, choosing the right domains to buy, grow, and sell can be a daunting task, especially to the new domain name investor. This is why Nametoken’s plan to develop an app as a gateway to a domain investment ecosystem is so cool and useful. The team’s combined experience of over 20 years and their ability to accurately predict ROI potential using big data puts them in a unique position to identify opportunities and execute actionable strategies to make money. Considering that the domain registration business is not slowing down — there was actually a 0.4% increase in domain registrations during the last year alone — Nametoken is demonstrating that domain registry as an investment is viable.

Nametoken’s Development Strategy

It is always helpful to have an example or case study to truly appreciate how a project operates and grows the value of its assets. Let’s take a look at Nametoken’s strategy through the lens of the domain name About five years ago, the founder of the Nametoken project purchased this domain for US$50,000 with the goal of cultivating it into an extremely valuable, premium domain name. Less than five years later, it is now worth over US$3.6 million, an increase of 7,200%. is currently one of the largest online stores in Germany for printer cartridges and other office supplies. 

Nametoken’s strategy largely is as follows. The first step is acquiring generic top level domains at a discounted price. Once a project builds trust in the domain’s brand, it works to keep its conversion rate high. That also means creating and maintaining excellent relationships with suppliers to keep prices competitive and ensure on time deliveries. Lastly, to grow the worth of the domain, the team must continue to optimize the project.

The Addition of the Blockchain

The Nametoken project has clearly demonstrated its ability to grow the value of premium domains, but they want to disrupt the industry even more by adding blockchain technology and create the first ever domain ecosystem. A decentralized blockchain for its ecosystem will bring security and speed to trading and transacting. It will live on the Ethereum blockchain and utilize smart contracts.

The use of a mobile app will help Nametoken make more informed decisions by collecting big data from the web and users in its ecosystem. For their participation, users will be rewarded with NAT tokens. These tokens can then be used within the ecosystem to buy, sell, park, and register domain names of their own.

Nametoken is currently hosting its ICO, which runs through the 30th of September.

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