Mycelium Integrates Cashila And Offers Fee-Free Transfers To Users

Making Bitcoin more convenient remains the highest priority for any company venturing into the world of digital currency today. Mycelium is the most popular Bitcoin wallet for Android users, and the seamless integration of this service into the Cashila platform providers users with fee-free payments. This announcement comes on the heels of news posted by Mycelium regarding the pairing of the mobile wallet with Cashila. No fees on the first 1,000 EUR worth of Bitcoin transferred sounds good to a lot of people!

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Mycelium and Cashila Join Forces

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For those readers who have never heard about Cashila, allow us to explain what this service does. One of the main drawbacks of Bitcoin is how people can not use to pay their monthly bills. However, that is no longer the case, thanks to various services allowing Bitcoin users to pay their bills with digital currency, in exchange for a small fee.

By using Cashila, digital currency owners can transfer Bitcoin to pay bills, and wire euros to their own – or someone else’s – bank account in Europe. Since there are no deposits needed for this service, users can pay their bills directly from their mobile or desktop Bitcoin wallet, as long as the recipient has a bank account in the SEPA region.

The service works the other way around as well, as anyone in the SEPA zone can send a Cashila user funds in EUR value, and the company will then convert this transfer to its respective Bitcoin value. Plus, if anyone wanted to send you Bitcoin, but you prefer the payment in Euro, Cashila will convert that transfer as well. In a way, this service provides completely financial freedom in the SEPA zone, regardless of which currency is used.

What makes this service so appealing is how users don’t need a bank account to send or receive payments, and there are no monthly maintenance fees for using Cashila either. Additionally, the company provides a great remittance solution for the SEPA zone, and gives diehard Bitcoin enthusiasts an option to cut all ties with their bank account once and for all. Do keep in mind incoming transactions are subject to a 1% fee.  

This entire process has become even more convenient now that Cashila and Mycelium have partnered up. The Mycelium wallet has its hooks in the Cashila API, allowing users to transfer both BTC or EUR to eligible recipients. Plus, with no additional fees for the first 1,000 EUR transferred, there is hardly a reason not to try it out.

Source: Cashila Blog

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