Multibot – Decreasing Labour Time for Cryptocurrency Traders

The increasing popularity of digital currencies has encouraged people throughout the world to begin trading. High market volatility associated with most high-cap cryptocurrencies provides traders with the chance of earning high-profits, but also with the risk of losing a substantial amount of the investment.

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Because of this, traders often have to invest numerous hours of their days in monitoring the markets, in order to observe price trends, and hence decide when it’s best to buy or sell. This aspect puts a lot of strain on casual traders, and the amount of labour required can become exhaustive.

Multibot is an interesting platform, whose purpose is to solve this problem. It employs a couple of automated tools, meant to actively monitor the market, keep funds safe, bring in profits, and avoid substantial losses in case the market trends change overnight. Better said, Multibot is a fully automatic, and semi-automatic trading platform, based in the cloud, which implements the advantages associated with the SaaS model.

With this in mind, some of the main functions of the Multibot platform include, but are not limited to:

  •       Trading signals: Manually sent out by the team behind Multibot, these signals are bound to alert users about changes in the state of the market. From increasing/decreasing prices, to buy/sell opportunities, traders are constantly notified of the latest market events.
  •       The semi-automatic buy/sell feature: Based on several parameters, Multibot can make purchases and sales. Relevant examples include coins hitting a target price, or volatility events.
  •       Arbitration: The Multibot platform will be able to purchase/sell on the exchanges offering the best deals, in real-time, to avoid losses and increase profits.
  •       Trading bot: directly based on neural networks and machine learning, the trading bot is the flagship feature of Multibot. While the algorithm has not yet been disclosed for security purposes, there’s a lot of potential behind this feature.

In a recent press statement, a Multibot team representative mentioned: “We want to develop and offer a service that will help everyone find their way around tough conditions and be insured from losing their capital investments, as well as guarantee its growth.

To help raise funds for the development and release of the project, the team behind Multibot will be holding an ICO. Investors will be able to purchase tokens, and then either receive dividends on the profits made by the company, or trade the tokens on supporting exchanges for a profit. A total of 25,000,000 tokens will be created, and sold at $1/token.

Those who wish to learn more about the Multibot project can refer to the website and white paper.