More Hacked Sites Means More Stolen Data For Sale on Dark Net

Just a few days after hackers began to sell stolen data from Dropbox and, another hacker is selling stolen data from the uTorrent Forum,, and

The data from uTorrent is being sold by DoubleFlag, a dark net vendor. The data consists of usernames and SHA1 and MD5 hashed passwords. The confusion begins with the dates. uTorrent reported a breach to the forum in June, but the vender has dates listed from January. Confusion aside, the price tag is about one bitcoin; coming in just shy actually; at $602.34.

The data stolen from, the Russian email client, has been in the headlines lately, but for terrible reasons. Vendor “saul_berenson” claims to have 57 million accounts on darknet for exactly one bitcoin, or 628.78 as the market stood. Email addresses, and MD5 hashed MD5 passwords comprise the data. was hacked twice this year. Once in July, and again in August. Then, it was reported that 27 million accounts data had been breached and stolen. In May it was reported that 57 million had been compromised. It is suspected the data up for sale is from the breach in May., another Russian Internet service, is the largest search engine in the country. Like, the company has been the victim of numerus attacks. Yet another vendor is offering stolen data. 6.5 million accounts from Yandex are being sold for around the same price as the aforementioned two. These accounts also include user’s names, emails, and MD5 hashed passwords. Total number of accounts sold so far is around 660,000. Accounts sold have included MD5 hashed, as well as clear text passwords. In an email conversation with the vendor, it was revealed that the accounts being sold go back as far as 2012, and as recent as April of this year.

All the mentioned companies have made the breaches public knowledge and urge anyone with accounts on any of these sites, change their passwords right away. It is common practice to change your passwords on a weekly, or at the very least, a monthly basis.

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