Monitoring The Dark Net For Stolen Information After A Data Breach

With all of the stolen data circulating on the dark net these days, people are wondering if it is possible to track down this information. Right now, it can take weeks, if not years, before a data breach is discovered, which is not an ideal situation. Luckily, it is possible for individuals and enterprises to track down the data and get it removed altogether.

The Right Tools For Tracking Dark Net Data

TheMerkle_Dark Net Data Breach Monitoring

One of the last things anyone wants to see is their information being sold on the dark net. Companies do not want to make media headlines as their databases are being sold either. Protecting against data breaches is one thing, but there are ways to negate most of the damage after a breach has taken place.

Security researchers have created some tools to track down stolen information on the dark net. Troy Hunt is one of the platforms users can employ to find out what is happening to their data. What this platform does, is aggregate personal account data which has been accessed in an illegal manner, and make that searchable.

Troy Hunt sources data posted on the dark net and then uses an algorithm to index the details. Users can even subscribe to this particular service, and get notified when then their data makes an appearance on the dark net. Do keep in mind this is not a foolproof solution by any means, though, as false positives are possible.

Other options include the service offered by Hold Security. This cyber security company safeguards credentials by using dark net intelligence. Their product continues to search underground forums and websites to index new postings of stolen data. Albeit it is always better to prevent data loss, at least there are after-the-fact solutions available

Monitoring the dark net is a great solution to nip data breaches in the bud before the information is sold to the highest bidder. At the same time, it is important to remember these platforms are protected by anonymity and privacy safeguards. None of these solutions will help track down the individual[s] responsible for stealing the data in the first place.

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