Money Never Sleeps and Neither Does Bitbengrab Trading

They say that money never sleeps, but even in the traditional world of stock markets and foreign exchange — the biggest and most liquid global market in the world — traders still take a break on the weekend when markets officially shut down, waiting for Monday for business to resume.

But not so crypto markets, where it is truly a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week; the perpetual trading market where the bears and bulls never know sleep.

Throw in the unique volatility of digital assets, where incredible double-digit percentage swings are common every month, across tens of thousands of tokens, coins, and cryptocurrency, and you have a market with incredible potential for massive and frequent profits ready to be made.

But trading crypto, like any other commodity, is a risky business — which is why arbitrage trading has become more and more popular with crypto traders seeking to make guaranteed profits with little to no risk to their capital.

Bitbengrab crypto arbitrage

Arbitrage trading tool Bitbengrab is one of the leading tools available now to take advantage of such trading opportunities. Developed by BITBENGRAB LTD in London, with decades of experience and expertise in trading and programming, the highly sophisticated software is capable of homing in on crypto arbitrage opportunities over multiple currency pairs across 29 popular crypto exchanges.

Recognizing that many crypto exchange platforms have yet to find a way to react quickly and accurately to the huge swings in prices across the world, Bitbengrab connects to multiple exchanges simultaneously via libraries, fetching real-time price data and order book depths at precise time periods.

The data analysis from currency pairs then locates price differences, ensuring that even after slippage, fees, and commissions, a trade can be legitimately completed across exchanges with guaranteed profit.

In other words, when a currency pair rises in price globally, it looks for exchanges where the price is still low and to identify purchase, to sell on other exchanges where prices are higher. Conversely, when the price suddenly dips on the global average, it seeks out orders that have yet to adjust down, to sell assets bought at lower prices elsewhere there.

All these risk-free arbitrage opportunities are shown directly to users on their dashboard, where users can choose to execute them manually or even better, use API keys to allow Bitbengrab to directly connect and trade from their accounts on various exchanges.

Money moves faster than you

While crypto arbitrage opportunities do crop up, few are ever around long enough for traders to take advantage. By the time they are noticed, order makers adjust quickly — which is why an automated tool like Bitbengrab is crucial in ensuring these tiny windows of opportunity remain open while you take advantage. 

Money never sleeps, neither does Bitbengrab

Trade manually or trade automatically across Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and 26 other exchanges. Fully verified accounts are recommended to allow max limits and no restrictions.

Worried about safety? Don’t be. Bitbengrab API only needs balance and trading permissions, so it will never interact with funding actions on your account. To ensure you have full connection security, follow instructions on the Bitbengrab video tutorial. Any further queries about the API permissions or documentation can be directed to the Bitbengrab team at [email protected].

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