Monetize Your Talents at in 3 Simple Steps

Token making nowadays is easy. After blockchain tech, Bitcoin and NFTs have become popular, creating a token in a blockchain it’s available through many methods. However, just because you have a token, doesn’t mean you will automatically start making money with it. This is the part that worries many people and that becomes the reason why they haven’t created their own. as a token maker brings another idea into the game, offering the possibility to trade, donate, and share content all in the same platform alongside token creation. Allowing supporters to get monetized as well when they trade and receive exclusive rewards from their favorite creators in the form of digital services and exclusive content. 

There are a few steps you can take to exploit the possibilities MintMe offers for those who want to learn how to build a coin without using any code, and also monetize their talents more easily:

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1 Build a personal profile and set a plan

At MintMe as a token creator, you can build a profile for your projects and let people know what your token is about through a description. There is no better way to start making money. First, you need to convince the community by defining what you want to do on paper and writing down an introduction to your project that people can understand and relate to. Don’t forget to use videos, infographics, images, anything you feel could be inviting to the eye and ears of your audience.

When you prepare an introduction try answering some basic questions people may have: why is your token different from others? What do you want to achieve with it? What do I win if I help you? What will you do with the money you earn? What made you get into token making? This will ultimately define whether it’s good for the market and people will feel encouraged to buy it.

Other than sharing, making a plan for your token will set a good foundation for selling. Knowing what you want will allow you to define important steps in your process of token creation: things such as the release period, the number of airdrops you want to share, and if you want to deploy your token to a specific blockchain.

2 Back up your token

A token derives its value from what it represents. That is, if you are a digital content creator, such as a YouTuber, designer, musician, or writer, your creations give value to your token. The way to make this happen is to offer your services or exclusive plans and content only through the purchase of your token. You may decide to sell all of your tokens at once in exchange for a live online event for your fans or decide to promote a campaign for your startup offering rewards to your early supporters.

Once you have backed up your token its price will be defined by supply and demand. In simple words, the more someone wants your token the more expensive it gets. You can offer a song, a design, a digital service of any kind, the opportunity to become VIP participants of your project’ events, the chance to become a test player for a game you created, or be the firsts to receive a digital copy of your ebook, and more, to make your token valuable.

3 Connect with your audience

Starting a crowdfunding campaign with MintMe’s help is easy, basically because the only thing you need to do is put it on sale and ask people to buy it. You can create a cryptocurrency just by following a few simple steps, build a profile and introduction page for your token, add a logo for more credibility, set some sell orders and that is enough to start getting supporters.

Nevertheless, the difficult part about this is that you need to convince the community that your token is worth their support. We already talked about backing up your tokens with content and rewards, now the next step is to build strategies to share the news about your campaign on social media and your website.

Share posts continuously and promote your project and the motivations you have to earn people’s credibility. Connect with them through videos, tutorials, sessions and try inducing them into the cryptosphere if they are newbies to help them understand your approach. This also means aligning your social media and website to share important information and offer updates, that way your followers can feel more confident that your project is real and has potential.

After you create your token at you will count on tons of features to help you follow these 3 steps. Airdrops, release period, voting and proposals, and many ways to personalize your profile and token page. Also, within MintMe it is possible to get support on different currencies which you can choose to withdraw to your wallet or exchange right there for other currencies and tokens to expand your methods of monetization.