Monerujo Android Wallet Makes Using Monero on Mobile Easier

Monero users have been waiting for a proper and dedicated Android wallet for quite some time now. Monerujo is definitely a project worth paying attention to in this regard. Especially now that the developer has unveiled a new layout, the whole app looks a lot more professional. It will also bring some much-needed features to the Monero ecosystem. Mobile cryptocurrency storage solutions are in high demand these days.

Monerujo Brings XMR to Android Devices

For most major cryptocurrencies, it is only normal to have at least one mobile wallet. In the Monero ecosystem, this situation is somewhat different. That’s mainly because every wallet must be built from scratch, as the underlying codebase is far more complex than – and perhaps even superior to – any other cryptocurrency tackling privacy and anonymity.

That being said, the updated Monerujo design is a good reason to get very excited about the future of Monero on the Android ecosystem. This wallet looks and feels quite professional and offers a lot of features under the hood as well. First of all, there is support for multiple wallets. While this is a pretty common feature in most cryptocurrency wallets, it had to be tackled from a different angle with Monero.

Secondly, Monerujo provides QR scanning functionality for sending and receiving XMR transactions. This is a feature we have seen in virtually every Bitcoin wallet to date. In a way, QR code scanning has become synonymous with making mobile cryptocurrency transactions. It was a must-have for Monerujo as well, as it’s a big step forward in making XMR more convenient to use.

As one has come to expect, the Monerujo source code is completely open source and can be looked at by anyone in the world. Users are also able to make slight modifications or make suggestions to the developers. It is good to finally see a proper Android wallet, as this project has been under development for quite some time. It is another major milestone for the Monero ecosystem; that is evident.

Considering that Android wallets can be used on any device which supports this operating system, it will be interesting to see how XMR enthusiasts will make use of Monerujo. Using it on a phone is one thing, but it should also work fine on tablets and even Android TV as well. It is a good solution to rely on until Ledger finalizes its XMR integration, which shouldn’t take much longer.

A lot of long-term developments in the Monero ecosystem are being finalized as we speak. There is still a lot of work to be done, but things are looking solid for the time being. Even though Monerujo has been available on the Google Play store for some time now, this latest update certainly introduces a lot of improvements. It’s a nice effort by one of the many XMR community members out there. It will be interesting to see what other updates we can expect moving forward.