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The massive adaptation of cryptocurrencies in everyone’s life has lead to many innovative startups that are integrating cryptocurrency in our daily lives for the better. One of these startups includes MobileShop.Ph which is integrating the uses of cryptocurrencies in perhaps most important part of our lives. Mobile usage is at an all time high and there is a clear need to provide more readily available methods to recharge your mobile airtime or your DTH dish connections. This is where MobileShop.Ph excels in providing simple yet efficient service.


What is MobileShop.Ph?

MobileShop.Ph was launched in late 2013 to provide cryptocurrency community with better mobile payment and DTH dish recharges. The startup was launched by cryptocurrency enthusiasts who provides mobile and DTH dish recharges for majority of the worldwide service providers such as Airtel, Aircel, China Unicom, Cignal, Claro, DTAC, Globe, Lebara, Movistar, MTN, Orange, SFR, Smart, Sun, T-Mobile, Tigo, Telenor, Vodafone, Zong and over 400 international mobile operators. Now you can top up or recharge your services without having to leave the comfort of your house. The service is anonymous, free to use, active 24/7, easy to use, secure and the recharge or top up is usually processed instantaneously or within 60 seconds from the confirmation of transaction. MobileShop.Ph currently only accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. The service provider is getting some well-deserved traction and momentum. MobilePhone.Ph also provides excellent rates on bulk rates for corporate customers upon request.

How to use their service?


MobileShop.Ph service is very user friendly. The entire transaction is well streamlined, fluid and straightforward. Once you are on the service provider’s homepage, you have two options. You can either chose to register an account and they will store your mobile number or DTH service number so that next time you want to recharge or top up you can do it within just a few clicks without having to filling in the information every time, or you can use rapid top up option directly from the homepage. Either way, following is how you recharge or top up your service provider:

First Select the Country your service provider operates in

Select the service provider or operator from the drop-down menu

Put in the Mobile number or DTH account number

Chose the amount you wish to recharge

Click ‘TOP UP NOW’

Chose the payment method (Bitpay or GoCoin)

You’ll be redirected to payment gateway page where you are given a wallet ID

Transfer the required amount of coins and await the transaction confirmation

Once the transaction has been confirmed your Top Up will be processed instantaneously and receipt will be issued and emailed to you if you have provided an email.

All in all, the entire transaction takes anywhere between 60 seconds to 3 minutes for the recharge to appear in your DTH account or mobile top


Customer’s response
MobilePhone.Ph has been receiving celebrated reviews from the users around the globe who appreciate fast paced, straightforward and free to use service.
Mdzedzej from BitcoinTalk wrote, “amazing site thank you so much, GF was complaining, i had no cash then boom within minutes of buying her phone was topped up will be using this site to pay my phone bills from now on haha”.

Lucas2047 from BitcoinTalk wrote, “Awesome service, the only one around that covers the countries I need.”

Several users requested support related queries from MobileShop.Ph on BitcoinTalk and majority of the issues were resolved in a matter of hours further showing the service provider’s commitment to drive business in good faith and provide solutions to issues with excellent customer support.



To summarize, MobileShop.Ph is another great example of what the cryptocurreny world needs more of. Massive adaptation requires innovative startup that would provide real life and meaningful uses and applications in everyday life and MobileShop.Ph is doing exactly that. Overall MobilePhon.Ph is excellent, fast, free to use, user-friendly service that deserves attention. We’d love to hear your experience on the service and what you think of it!

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