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Although the number Bitcoin mining malware types is relatively small, this type of software can prove to be a major pain in the neck when dealing with an infection. Not only are these types of malware designed to use up nearly all computer resources, but they can also create additional security vulnerabilities for hackers to install other malware. BitcoinMine is one of those types, which is spread through other types of malware infections.

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BitcoinMine Creates High CPU Usage

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BitcoinMine is a type of Bitcoin mining malware that has been around since 2011, yet still poses a threat to computer and network owners today. As the name suggests, this piece of software will infect a computer and use up CPU resources to mine Bitcoin. Not only does this stress the CPU more than normal, but it will also increase the electricity bill and slow down overall computer usage.

What is more worrying is how users get infected by BitcoinMine, as this malware is usually bundled with various other types of harmful software. Taking control of the computer’s CPU might not be very efficient for Bitcoin mining purposes these days, but it was quite the lucrative business back in 2011 and 2012. Mining Bitcoin this way meant free computer resources and electricity for hackers while getting paid handsomely to breach others’ computers.

Similar to BTMine, there wasn’t much more to BitcoinMine regarding threats, though. Once a computer was infected, hackers could – in theory – gain remote access to the system, although it is difficult to say whether this was due to the Bitcoin mining malware, or the overall infection package. Bundles of harmful software are never a good thing, especially not in those days.

Getting rid of BitcoinMine was relatively easy, as users can follow the same steps as outlined in the BTMine article. No special software is needed – other than a decent antivirus tool – and after removing the necessary files and folders from the computer, everything will be restored the way it was. However, it can take a while for computer users to figure out what the exact cause of a slowed down machine is, as Bitcoin mining malware has a tendency to create regular system processes.

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