Minexcoin Releases Upgraded Roadmap, Announces Debit Cards, Atomic Swaps, Green Algo and other 2018 goals

Blockchain solutions company, MinexSystems, has released its updated roadmap for the year 2018, sending a wave of excitement throughout the crypto community. In a move that is bound to inject some confidence back into a market whose performance has been very encouraging these past few months, MinexSystems announcement reveals their firm plan for making decentralized payment viable for both crypto community and the general public.

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Revealing that 2018 will be the year for a viable decentralized payment system for the mainstream market, the company behind Minexcoin and MinexBank plans to lead the way through its forward-thinking roadmap. MinexSystems’ roadmap is geared towards creating a decentralized payment ecosystem that is fast, secure, and has none of the drawbacks of existing systems. Built round its MNX cryptocurrency, the roadmap updates the progress of the platform’s existing solutions – Minexcoin, Minexbank, and MinexWallet – and the various developmental pathways the team will pursue in order to holistically enlarge its ecosystem.

CEO and founder of MinexSystems, Boris Shulyaev, had these words to say about the project –

Those who closely follow our project may have noticed that updated roadmap is slightly different from our last year’s plans. Often new ideas appear during work processes of work: we understand that some technologies become outdated, while others, on the contrary, become relevant for MinexSystems development. This roadmap covers precisely that timeline which we can plan. As for 2019 goals, it’s too early to talk about them; however, our team already has some ideas for the next year.”

The Road to a Universal, Decentralized Payment Platform

Volatility is one of the biggest challenges facing the crypto industry. The market’s sudden and violent swings in price movement have become a constant source of headache for most enthusiasts and a barrier to entry for everybody else. MinexBank is being developed as an autonomous volatility smoothing, financial infrastructure and is already in the final testing phase. The bank’s system has been re-architect and qualitatively improved from its previous version. MinexSystems plans to release the iOS version of its mobile banking facilities by the end of the first quarter. Follow the release, the team will release a new version of its hard wallet spotting an entirely new design, improved interface, and quality UX.

MinexSystems has scheduled its first major release, MNX Atomic Swaps, for the first quarter of the year. Minexcoin is set to become one of the few coins whose blockchain allows direct peer-to-peer exchange transaction across separate chains.

With Atomic Swaps, the platform will offer high level of security and the lowest commission possible. A decentralized exchange will be officially released, following the debugging of the final alpha version. The team plans to contribute an interest-free exchanger for MNX/BTC and MNX/LTC pairs to the community.

MinexSystems will kickoff the second quarter of the year with the release of its exciting Web & Mobile wallets that allow users to use MNX without the need to install softwares and download blockchain. This release will be owed by the launch of the platform’s Debit Cards for payment services in MNX anywhere in the world. Further upgrades is set to enhance Minexcoin usability as a payment service, allowing MinexMerchant to add MNX as a payment tool for any business on its marketplace. MinexMarket will enable users to trade – virtual or real – goods and services.

Future Updates

MinexSystems’ fourth quarter plans includes the launching of a Green Algo and its own Decentralized Computer. Upgraded algorithm for MNX blockchain will drastically revolutionize mining, by redirecting mining capabilities towards real world problem solving (for example,science or health-care needs). The Decentralized Computer will offer a virtual Turing environment for DApps and Smart-contracts, creating a whole new range of opportunities for 2019.

MinexPlatform aims to become the ultimate tool for creating any kinds of digital values. The platform is a comprehensive and complete all-in-one blockchain-based solutions and comes in two versions – standard and enterprise-expansion for business. Without the need to study the code, users will be able to seamlessly create and deploy decentralized registries, issue their own tokens, or create smart contracts for different business needs.

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