Microsoft Experimenting with Ripple on Azure Blockchain Developer Environment

Microsoft has announced that it has taken an interest in Ripple and how this distributed payment network can be integrated into its existing blockchain developer platform on Azure. Marley Gray, director of technology strategy at Microsoft, provided an update on the status of Microsoft’s current Ripple experimentation:

“We’re exploring how the Interledger Protocol can be used by the Azure enterprise and developer community to enable new and novel use cases within Microsoft’s Blockchain as a Service offering.”

According to Gray’s blog post, Microsoft’s Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Azure platform is also running a Ripple node, “Azure BaaS is currently operating a Ripple validating node for the benefit of Ripple’s bank users, providing a valuable stakeholder to the consensus network.”

Microsoft first launched the Azure BaaS offering at the DEVCON1 Ethereum developer conference in London. Azure currently offers developers the ability to run a Go Ethereum client on Ubuntu and also the BlockApps STARO virtual machine environment.

Marley Gray also hinted at upcoming C++ Ethereum implementations on Azure, that will focus specifically on financial blockchain apps.


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