Mesh Tech Startup BlockMesh Announces ICO For February

BlockMesh To Host Token Sale in February

Mauritius-based startup, BlockMesh, has officially announced the date of its first token sale event — February 28, 2018. The company wants to change the very face of telecommunications through mesh networking fueled by the blockchain.

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In order to ready itself for the events that immediately ensue after the ICO happens in Q1 of 2018, BlockMesh has integrated the Bancor protocol into its platform which allows for instant convertibility and continuous liquidity of its Mesh Token. With Bancor’s Smart Token standard, BlockMesh users will be able to exchange the tokens they receive from the ICO immediately — without even having to wait for exchanges to list it.

BlockMesh wants to build “cost free” communication networks by leveraging the mesh’s unique ability to create a dynamic network of peers that directly connects people together without having to rely on middlemen ISPs and cellular communication providers.

The platform gives users the ability to share information with one another through Bluetooth and WiFi, thus theoretically freeing them from data costs that currently act as a toll gate to incumbent telecommunication networks. Since these are the only networks by which people can conveniently communicate with one another through long distances, then being able to bypass them represents an opportunity to make everyday life substantially cheaper for the everyday person.

Bringing Some Relief to Impoverished People

Something to this effect could especially benefit developing countries by finally giving impoverished people a practical and affordable means of communicating with one another. Its positive effects could be immediately realizable as any resources tied up in data costs would be then be freed up for other wants and needs, effectively making these people richer.

Bjorn Guido, Founder of BlockMesh explained the benefits of a mesh network-based communications medium — saying that it would not only make interpersonal communication essentially free, but it could even make some people money.

“At BlockMesh we harness the power of the Internet of Things to provide interpersonal communication which isn’t just free to use, but actually rewards users in cryptocurrency to use it. Our network will be made up of the excess bandwidth that exists across the world.”

Decentralizing Communication Is The Name of The Game

This is BlockMesh’s secret weapon and the way in which they will initially onboard new users onto their platform in the beginning. That is, by rewarding new users just for using the platform in the first place. The benefit of making telecommunications basically free to use is arguably an enticing offer by itself —  but the startup is banking on money rewards to ultimately seal the deal.

The company’s vision is a tall order, although maybe a familiar one to those within the crypto community. Through the vetted and time tested Ethereum blockchain, Blockmesh hopes to apply the simple idea of decentralization to traditional channels of communication.

To do this, Blockmesh must succeed in loosening the control that corporations have over this industry by wrestling it back from commercial giants and putting it in the hands of the users of the networks.

To learn more, or participate in the ICO visit their website: