Meganet – no IP Internet

Web Decentralization 

There are some people that work to have the web decentralized

These people believe that the web is outdated and that you need to get up with the times when it comes to surfing the internet. “Mega” Video chat

There are also moves to decentralize the web and one of these moves is Kimdotcom’s encrypted video chat. One of the benefits of this chat is to communicate to other people easily with an encrypted connection so no one can see what you are doing in the chat. With people working to get their information secure from nosy government eyes, its important to know the side you are on. Do you want Big Brother to spy on your every move read you text messages on Skype, or do you want to try the new Mega from Kimdotcom.

Kimdotcom is an Internet entrepreneur , businessman, and political party founder currently residing in New Zealand. He is the founder of the file hosting service Mega as well as its now defunct predecessor Megaupload. His recent tweet regarding the decentralized web caused buzz in bitcoinland

What people can see based on your IP:

This is a good move forward for the internet. There is no need for IPs as they cause tons of problems for people surfing the web and almost anyone with a website can track you based on your IP what country you live in, city , state or even internet provider. There are many reasons not to share this information as it is private and not something you share with any store you walk in so why would you share this information when you are on the internet.

Kimdotcom For The Decentralized Internet:

A decentralized web will work with great comfort for everyone and Kim dotcom is there to help make it possible . When you realize how much information you are sharing you may want it to stop.

UK Laws About IP Tracking and Cookie Placement:

Some countries have made people have to “opt-in” to cookies but there are many countries that don’t do this yet and even some countries have websites that will not follow the law because with every law there is always some law breakers!


Decentralized Web “How It Works”:

The decentralized web takes out the Middle Man and provides you with a way to safely transfer messages from one place to another without being traced. Files are not completely stored on one computer, instead they are distirbuted between a network of computers. Just like a torrent file is located on multiple computers, a decentralized web would manage the network and allocate space on different computers for different files. As a result, harddrive space would become in demand again because every gigabyte would have a use (to store some part of a file). MaidSafe is the company behind the development of the decentralized web. What they’re building ia an open source program that decentralizes the net by eliminating the need for huge servers in data centers, which are usually owned by the rich and powerful.

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