Meet DanetonBit, the Crypto that Mixes Business with Pleasure

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  At least, DanetonBit’s team seems to think so, so they’ve fused work and play together into a single application.

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What is DanetonBit?

DanetonBit is content and media hub that mingles both social and business networking.  Think of it like a Facebook and LinkedIn hybrid.  In a world where working lives and social lives have become increasingly merged, DanetonBit wants to bridge this gap even further.  With the application, users can share products and services, advertise, and network to both business associates and peers, all in a space that allows them to keep up with friends and post about their everyday lives.

DanetonBit will be built on the blockchain to ensure stability, privacy, and security of user data.  In addition, DNE, DanetonBit’s native token, will be used to pay for services presented on the platform, and it will also allow users to award other community members for useful posts and content.

Progress and Timeline

So far into 2018, the DanetonBit team has made substantial progress setting up its 15 man development team.

With this expanded manpower, the team is working towards releasing a mobile app of its platform in June of this year, so a release of the actual network is just around the corner.

If you want to get involved with DanetonBit right away, though, you’ve got a few options.  For starters, the team has commissioned a one million DNE bounty to any community member who can create a marketing video for the project.  They want to upload the video to YouTube to raise awareness for the project, so if it piques your interest and you’ve got some quality marketing/video making skills, this could be your chance to contribute to the project’s success.

For loyal community members that already hold a stake in DNE, the team is planning an airdrop of 5 million tokens for February 15th.  If eligible holders wish to receiver their tokens, they most keep them in an ERC20 token compatible wallet, such as My Ether Wallet or imToken wallet, to receive the airdrop.

If you find the project interesting and want to contribute to its success, you can trade ETH or BTC for DNE tokens at  You can also find the team on Twitter @danetonbit, and find more information on the project’s website or its Bitcoin Talk forum.