MDL Talent Hub Reaches Their Pre-Sale Hard Cap of 500,000 USD

MDL Talent Hub is proud to announce that they have achieved their pre-sale hard cap target raising 500,000USD, their crowdsale is due to start on March, 10 2018 with a hard cap of 20 million USD.

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MDL Talent Hub

The trustchain for the talent sourcing industry has achieved its pre-sale hard cap and is eagerly anticipating its Initial Token Offering. The ITO is expected to raise up to 20 million USD, MDL using these offerings for the development of the platform, cross-border scaling, and business development, as well as for R&D, further implementation of BC & PIDS technologies.

MDL Talent Hub’s platform will bring transparency and efficiency, two fundamental characteristics of the new era to the talent sourcing market. This market will enfold many varieties of talents. MDL’s project aims to consolidate supply and demand channels and establish permanent and immutable reputation scoring for each market participant.

The MDL Toolbox

The tools provided by MDL will help to overcome a solid variety of existing problems in the talent-booker relationship including a comprehensive talent search engine, reputation tracking, convenient, standardized presentation tools on both sides of the platform.  

As the project develops, the marketplace will be set up for talents and performers to exchange, sell, or rent equipment and gear, as well as micro-KOL partnership programs to exchange with brands to advertise their products and services. This action will be performed using platform participants with high-reputation scores. Meta-data mining will be enabled via SkyLedger CXO protocol. The MDL token will support all of these functions.

For the Long Term

As the value of the MDL token will naturally increase from our expansion in the talent sourcing market, which itself is continually growing. When the market saturation has reached its peak, MDL is going to implement more functionalities for MDL tokens, such as a marketplace ecosystem, partnership programs with brands, and live streaming across the board!

While holding MDL tokens allow for the opening up of more versatile functions within the MDL platforms. This will be implemented via Token Hours – the longer you keep your MDL tokens, and the more tokens you hold, the more tokens you will acquire, the platform participants will want to have more. The MDL token is currently partnered two big projects with a concrete community.

What MDL are Doing and Why

In the ongoing Blockchain mania, there are so many projects that seem to be less genuine or even scams. ICOs became an easy tool for startups to raise funds and so scammers are rearing their heads too. The MDL Talent Hub is a determined and genuine project with a determined vision and development plan.

Using the MDL Token an ecosystem will be created, which will allow MDL not only to attract more participants but also spread sources of income. Thus commission on transactions will be decreased and hence we will outrange MDL’s possible competitors.

It is absolutely not necessary to be an IT professional or blockchain enthusiast to be able to use the MDL platform on a full scale. Friendly user interface and intuitive UX/UI will allow the participants of platform to use all the benefits of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency without any skills in IT. By utilizing blockchain technology MDL are aiming at solving existing problems on the already existing market.

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