Maybe think of breaking down the dividing walls and building just the perfect co-working space for Blockchain breakthrough?

In the era of vibrant business communities, it can be difficult to find a collaborative and creative atmosphere to focus on ideas worth bringing to life. Tiny cubicles make sense no more and open co-working spaces with all-purpose facilities (e.g. open-plan work spaces, complete with soft seating, and breakout areas) tend to dominate contemporary ways of achieving success.

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In the course of this important time of hub development, BitRent – innovative blockchain platform focusing on Real Estate – offers an absolutely new-generation Hub.

BitRent Hub is a complex consisting of 10 real estate objects built using the most advanced construction technologies around the world. These modern IT Hubs will definitely become the headquarters for blockchain startups, where project participants will be able to communicate, share experience and information, hold meetings with investors and users, conduct presentations, seminars and hackatons.

BitRent Hub will provide conditions for blockchain clubs and alliances, crypto funds, mining centers and other blockchain communities to open representative offices here. Interested parties will be able to rent space using cryptocurrencies and every Hub will have its token. Such a decision will allow everyone to become investor in this real estate.

The first object to be built in this network is BitRent Hub San Francisco. It will be located in Sunnyvale, California. The local population amounts to 140’000 people. This city is considered to be one of the largest ones in the Silicon Valley. The construction site of the future Hub is surrounded by offices of Apple, LinkedIn, Mercedes-Benz and Juniper. This location is famous for the most cutting-edge IT solutions and, in fact, the whole global IT industry is centered around this region. That’s exactly why the first Hub will be built in the Silicon Valley, USA.

The Hub’s area amounts to 5’000 sq. m., with 5 floors 1’000 sq. m. each. The first floor will be designed for a co-working center for blockchain startups, with representatives of new projects to have direct access to the industry leaders, investors, blockchain alliances and clubs. That’s the very place where these projects can grow to become large companies. The remaining 4 floors are meant for business centers. The building itself will be constructed not only according to “state-of-the-art” technologies, but also using green standards including LEED Platinum.

We will issue 200 million BHUB tokens for BitRent Hub San Francisco object, with the following price – $0,16 per 1 token. The estimated value of the BitRent Hub San Francisco construction is $32 million.

According to the project CEO, “We’re building here not just one of the facilities to monetize every square meter of the space and fade away some time later. Our main focus is to create an ecosystem where every startup and blockchain enthusiast may fit it. We believe that the real backbone of the technological breakthrough globally is all about young and passionate projects. For this very reason, we open doors for all enthusiasts and ready to provide comfortable conditions for startups with ideas worth-spreading.”

The project will be uploaded to the platform to get investment just like other projects.

Is there anything behind just a hub?

Along with providing physical space for blockchain projects and startups, the fundamental objective of BitRent Hub is to advance the ideology of blockchain around the world. For this, the platform is actively involved in the following activities:

  • organizing and holding meetings, conferences and summits concerning the blockchain technology and its active integration into all spheres;
  • partnership program to exchange experiences and developments in the field of blockchain with companies, startups and organizations from around the world;
  • advertising services, a set of marketing strategies;
  • building local clubs for construction companies that will contribute to the creation of a single pool for efficient blockchain construction under the auspices of the BitRent platform;
  • consulting services on legal issues of ICO and Pre-Sale;
  • assessment of accuracy of the legal documentation of projects.

We want to create the most comfortable and full-featured working environment for blockchainers, where they will be able to not only effectively pursue the goals set and achieve success, but also grow and develop.

You do not have to sit for hours in front of the screen, comparing end-to-end solutions of other services, because BitRent Hub is always a few steps away – contact us and we will provide solutions for all your questions.

Either you’re a bright individual who wants to start building your own future alone, a group of enthusiasts with non-stop desire to create or a reputed company with goals set as high as the sky – BitRent Hub San Francisco invites you to join a big team of BitRent Hubbers and make a difference in the world desperate for real breakthrough.

Find us near Apple, LinkedIn, Mercedes-Benz and Juniper offices very soon!