Mapping the Rise of Political Betting

Whatever your thoughts on politics and politicians, there can be little doubt that this realm has become increasingly difficult to ignore. From a world where political leanings used to be personal, massive public attention and media campaigns now reign supreme. One of the most interesting developments to come out of this change is the rise of political betting. As a way to show faith in certain parties or leaders, this form of betting has drawn in new crowds and given existing speculators yet another avenue in which to engage.

Already solidified as a popular means of betting, this rapid mass-acceptance raises interesting questions on why it succeeded so swiftly. What contributing elements of our society have birth to these gambling possibilities, and why are speculators so confident this arm of gambling is here to stay?

Bernie Sanders sign” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

New Levels of Gambling

On a direct level, the most major part of this contribution comes from the success of the online casino industry itself. Despite being just a few decades old at this point, this new arm of gambling is now worth billions of dollars annually, a number that keeps growing. At first, such opportunities were only available on desktop and laptop computers, before eventually expanding into the immense world of mobiles.

Whatever form of gambling those who visit these websites initially enjoyed, the cohesive nature of modern websites means it is extremely common for people to branch out into new games or markets. For example, somebody visiting a betting website might be there for their sportsbook, having had no plans originally to bet in the field of politics. Yet, seeing the odds for Trump reelection – and how similar it is to place a bet here as for sports – they might take a sidestep into that market.

The Inescapable Internet

The other part of this puzzle comes from how the internet has evolved into such an ever-present experience. Practically everybody in the developed world, regardless of age, is now involved with the internet in some manner. This means increased exposure to political elements is nigh unavoidable, with political discussion appearing over an enormous range of websites.

Social Media Mixed Icons – Banner” (CC BY 2.0) by Visual Content

Over time, increased visibility combined with the dominance of social media websites in a way that political discussion was inevitable. People now had better access to news than ever before, they had a way to share their opinions like never before, and because of this, conversations and conflicts were only a matter of time.

In the most recent age, this has been raised to an entirely new level due to heightened political tensions. Brexit, the continuing wars in the middle east, Trump’s election, and climate concerns all played a part of this. People grew concerned and increasingly sure that their side was that of honesty, and that those who disagreed were a major threat to the peace of the world. With so much on the line, after all, it proves difficult not to speak your piece.

A New World

Taking all of these components into account, it’s perhaps unsurprising that political betting has become as big as it is. It exists as a way to demonstrate your understanding of the world, of placing money not just on what you think should be true, but also on what you fear might be true. It’s an incredibly interesting topic, becoming a form of betting that we wouldn’t be surprised to see grow even more immense in the years to come.