Malware Writers Make Their Next Target Known by Naming Newest Ransomware After the Man Who Stops Them

Ransomware has become the most widespread type of cyber-attack lately. It seems like it evolves almost overnight, with new, more advanced forms of malware popping up all the time.

Emsisoft Malware Lab has made a decent dent in combating this ever growing threat. In turn, this has made them, and companies like them the biggest targets for malware, receiving all types of malicious malware, on a daily basis.

Emsisoft Malware Lab has been so successful fighting malware, that they have released numerous free ransomware decryptor tools.

Lately, writers of Apocalypse ransomware, employed RDP brute forcing, Smrss32, and Bucbi. Turns out, Apocalypse wasn’t too well coded. This vulnerability allowed Fabian to exploit the ransomware and create a free decryptor for almost all known forms of ransomware.

“The malware authors are changing their malware to try to stay a step ahead of our lab and other malware hunters online. Currently, it takes us only an hour or two to break the new variant, and the insults continue,” Emsisoft developers said.

The newest malware, Fabiansomware, affectionately named after the man who is known to be a ransomware destroyer Fabian Wosar.  Wosar develops and shares ransomware decryption tools and gives online security advice. He is regularly on the hunt for the newest threats. He also investigates, and helps further, and develop the technology used to fight this ever growing threat. His main focus he says, is being able to keep online users safe from current, and new malware threats.

“It’s more than just a business. We take great pride in being able to help people keep their information private, and not let them be victims of this fearfully fast evolving cyber threat,” he said.

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