LOYALTECH YM-200 Series, the Wealth Generator for New Generation Family

Think for a moment about what is regarded as the most suitable financial product for public investment? In the past, the answer to this question could have been bonds, blue-chip stocks, index funds, or life annuities. In any case, such a financial management plan must have the characteristics of a small investment amount, high return, good liquidity, and easy management, to better meet the financial management needs of ordinary families using idle funds to obtain low-risk returns.

Today, in addition to the traditional investment types, an emerging investment type has begun to gain traction, gradually attracting the attention of more and more ordinary people-this is the miniaturized crypto mining machine developed based on the latest chip technology.

Mining machine – the innovative financial product in the era of decentralization

Since the rise of the blockchain industry, crypto mining has gradually become a new investment method well recognized by the investment industry.

Generally, the revenue logic of crypto mining is clear and simple to understand investors purchase mining machines, access the network to start mining, and convert the mined crypto into fiat to guarantee revenue. The costs involved in this process are the cost of the mining machine, the electricity bills, and the maintenance cost of the machine; the benefits obtained include the value generated by the crypto and the potential value appreciation of the mining machine.

During the life cycle of a mining machine, the total number of cryptos that can be mined can be roughly estimated, and the corresponding electricity and maintenance costs can also be easily calculated. The value of these cryptos and the appreciation space of the mining machine itself can often be calculated based on market conditions and historical data. The minimum value that reduces the cost, is the lower limit of the expected total revenue of the mining machine. Compared with other wealth management products, the conservative yield of mining machines exceeds that of most stable wealth management portfolios, which is equivalent to stocks with better performance.

However, once investors are in the bull market, the investment income of mining machines will grow exponentially. In the crypto bull market that started in 2020, the profits of many mining machines have reached ten times or even dozens of times, making investors earn a great deal of money. For such a high rate of return, it stands to reason that only a few angel investors of top companies can put on a par with.

To encapsulate, crypto mining is a modern financial product with an eye-popping guaranteed minimum return in the bull market. Its innovation and technological factors are the fundamental support behind this unimaginable return.

LOYALTECH YM-200MINI is making crypto mining machines accessible


In 2021 alone, more than 10 companies in the crypto mining industry were listed on Nasdaq in the US, and the huge wealth effect has greatly interested many investors. Nevertheless, the core equipment of crypto mining, the mining machine, has not been specifically designed for ordinary users in the past. It has disadvantages such as huge size, considerable power supply, and heat generation, high cost, and arduous operation and maintenance, which are only suitable for mass deployment in professional mining rigs and keep away ordinary users. While some mining machines in the name of miniaturization have seriously reduced the key indicator of mining efficiency and are only suitable for early adopters.

For example, a typical Bitcoin mining machine used in a large-scale crypto mining rig has a power of 3000W, the noise generated can shock the entire building, and the miner size is too large to be easily handled and deployed. These mining machines often require a dedicated power supply system, and the daily operation and maintenance are fairly cumbersome. For families, these flaws enhance the threshold, which impedes ordinary investors from entering the game.

Until 2022, YM-200MINI launched by LOYALTECH, an industry innovative miner manufacturer, solved the conundrums faced by the miniaturized development of traditional crypto mining machines in one go. YM-200MINI is a mini version of LOYALTECH’s epoch-making ETH/ETC crypto mining machine. It has a powerful hashrate and extremely low power supply: the power supply of YM-200MINI is only 180W (+-5%), which is equivalent to the power supply of a TV, but the Ethereum hashrate output by the mining machine reaches 200M (+- 10%), compared with mainstream Ethereum mining solutions equipped with GPU, YM-200MINI can provide hashrate equivalent to dual-card RTX3090, while the power supply is only 1/3 of that.

Users who purchase YM-200MINI can easily connect it to the home power system. Its size is only half the size of a 14-inch laptop, and it can be placed in the garage or basement for long-term operation. The noise of YM-200MINI is only at the level of ordinary air conditioners, which will never cause any side effects to family life or disturb neighbors at all. The software and hardware of YM-200MINI are fully optimized so that ordinary people can operate smoothly, and the after-sales maintenance is simple as well. These designs make YM-200MINI a mining machine that is super suitable for domestic financial management and investment.

Fluctuations Resistant and income guaranteed-YM-200MINI controls investment risks effectively

In addition to being perfectly designed for home scenarios in terms of product form, the core technical architecture of YM-200MINI has achieved a first-class level in the industry, which can maximize user income and resist investment risks.

YM-200MINI enables the mining of two mainstream cryptos of ETH/ETC simultaneously, which can effectively deal with the fluctuation and market risk of a single currency. Compared with professional mining machines that with thousands of dollars, YM-200MINI, which sells for just over one thousand USD, can recoup the investment after only 8-10 months of mining. The payback period is much shorter than the 3-year average time for mainstream GPU solutions. On the other hand, the mining machine chips carried by the YM-200MINI are manufactured based on the latest 3D stacking process, which represents the highest level of the current chip industry. For mining machines, the higher the technical level, the greater the advantage in the mining competition, and the more guaranteed the return on investment. As the crypto market enters the bear market, the market price of YM-200MINI is also at a reasonable level, which is especially suitable for far-sighted investors to harvest huge profits for the next bull market in advance.

The best gift for the next generation, YM-200MINI ignites investment enthusiasm

Different from traditional wealth management products, the YM-200MINI mining machine based on cutting-edge IT technology owns both investment attributes and technical attributes, which can bring unparalleled educational value to the next generation of the family while earning a stable income.

When a little boy receives a unique gift like YM-200MINI on his birthday or Christmas, he not only has his own “wealth generator” that can earn pocket money every day but also got the enlightenment of advanced technology and investment for the first time in his life. While observing, understanding, and exploring YM-200MINI, and learning its technical principles and business logic, the young minds can take a sneak peek at the vast world of the future decentralization era in advance. When the boy grows up, the experience of his teenage years has laid the solid foundation for his plans. He will likely become a trend-setter in the next era, and YM-200MINI is instrumental in unlocking his door to success, and it is also a meaningful gift from his parents.

Get ready now to unleash the future energy

Currently, LOYALTECH will be launching YM-200MINI at the BITCOIN 2022 in Miami, the USA on April 6, 2022, and will start accepting customer orders afterward. LOYALTECH also introduces the technologies and methods learned in the supply chain of the world’s largest PC manufacturer, and spares no effort to provide customers with multiple layers of protection:

  • On-time delivery, the industry’s first “late delivery with hashrate compensated” is stipulated in the contract;
  • Machine problems will be repaired within five working days after sales, and if it cannot be repaired, a new machine or backup machine will be offered;
  • The error of hashrate is controlled within 5%, and the error exceeding 5% is indicated in the contract to make up the hashrate.

With the arrival of YM-200MINI, crypto miners will be accessible for thousands of households and become one of the best financial management methods for people in the new era. For more information, please visit our website below for further details.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release and does not constitute investment or trading advice. Always do your research before investing in any project.