Lowering Your Bills in a Down Economy

More than one in five American households have gone without basic necessities in order to meet the demands of a monthly energy bill – yet many overlook simple and easy ways to save. Here’s how to reduce your electric bill without having to sacrifice the necessities.

Rising energy costs are hitting American families harder than ever; if current increases continue, these costs are predicted to keep growing well into 2020. With pressure on the economy and our budgets, many families are left with difficult decisions. As over 60% of our average energy usage goes to necessities, we can’t leave our bills unpaid, no matter our financial situation. This results in one in ten households keeping their indoor climate control set at unsafe or unhealthy temperatures in an effort to save money on bills.

Some of the easiest ways to save may be right under our very noses from unplugged appliances to switching out light bulbs. One of the worst offenders when it comes to energy efficiency is a pesky draft. Chilling us to the bone every time the wind blows, leaky doors and windows are more than just a seasonal annoyance – they can also tack on hundreds of dollars every year to energy bills. All it takes is some quick resealing that keep the cold air outside and the warm air inside all without overworking a furnace. After resealing, many households may find themselves able to comfortable lower the temperature on their thermostat, and doing so even for just a few hours a day can help save even more on energy. As sustainable, at-home changes compound on one another, establishing good habits for turning off appliances, unplugging them when not in use, and being mindful of switching lights off could altogether save up $850 a year.

Every year, three in 20 households will receive a disconnection of service notice from their energy provider. Break the cycle with these positive changes that will not only help manage high bills, but also help the economy and the environment. See this infographic for more detail on how to address our energy needs and eliminate waste.

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