Lose Your Wallet by Paying in Digital Currencies with STACK

While millions of people throughout the world use digital currencies, the current state of the market is still far from mass-adoption, but this could change! STACK represents a social money platform whose main goal is to push even harder at the replacement of traditional currencies and payment methods, by creating a platform where you can better control, and manage your money.

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Therefore, at this time, the main mission of STACK is to help bring digital currencies to the masses by providing instant point of sale payments for over 36 million merchants. By using the existing payment rails and combining with other payment channels, users will be able to pay via digital currencies on normal POS systems in shops for merchants around the world.

STACK completely replaces your wallet

Once an account is created and digital currencies are transferred to it, users will also be issued a special chip-and-pin global payment network-based pre-paid card, therefore providing access to not only all POS systems that accept major credit or debit cards, but also to ATMs throughout the world. Not only this, but purchase protection is to be offered on every transaction made via the account or card.

What’s truly beautiful about STACK is their no-fee policy. With this in mind, need a new replacement card? It’s available for free. So are account activations, contactless purchases, STACK to STACK transfers, ATM withdrawals, account cancellation, live chat customer service, and more.

If you don’t want to use a card, you won’t have to worry! You can still use the STACK services, as the platform gives you access to all of your funds via mobile. Therefore, by using the mobile tap-to-pay feature, you won’t even need to carry around a wallet anymore.

To help raise money for the project, STACK will be holding a token pre-sale and a public sale for their STK tokens. With this in mind, the initial pre-sale will begin on the 30th of October, followed by the public sale on the 14th of November which will end on the 24th of November. For more information, feel free to take a closer look at the platform and its future services here.