Los Angeles County Rapidly Approaches 100 Novel Coronavirus Cases

The novel coronavirus keeps the entire world in its grip. In Los Angeles County, the current situation looks anything but promising, with further restrictions to be imposed upon residents. 

Los Angeles County is noting a hefty increase in novel coronavirus cases.

COVID-19 is on the Rise in Los Angeles County

Last night, it was confirmed how 25 new cases are recorded.

This brings the total for the county to 94, and is likely to surpass 100 later today.

Los Angeles County spans major cities such as Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and so forth.

New procedures will be implemented to prevent further spreading of the novel coronavirus as well.

Similar to most other states and counties, bars, clubs, theaters, gyms, and entertainment centers will be closed.

How long this situation will remain in place, has yet to be determined.

Grocery stores will remain accessible, as people need options to buy foods and beverages.

Restaurants are still allowed to provide take-out and delivery, but no in-house eating.

Hospitals across Los Angeles County are preparing for an increase in cases, should push come to shove.

It seems plausible to assume that the local health care system will come under a lot of strain.

As such, there is only so much preparation one can take care of before all hell breaks loose.