Living On Bitcoin Becomes Easier Over Time

For some people, financial freedom means everything to them. In this day and age of remote workers, a rising number of entrepreneurs, and popular payment solutions such as Bitcoin, achieving that financial freedom has become a lot easier. But at the same time, not everybody is ready to take the plunge and go all in on living on Bitcoin just yet. Some jobs tend to lend themselves better to such a risky move, and freelancers will be among the first to reap the rewards of doing so.

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Living On Bitcoin As A Freelancer

TheMerkle_Freelancer Living on Bitcoin

Any job that can be done as a freelancer or consultant is perfect for living on Bitcoin. Even if your employer is not keen on paying in Bitcoin, their fiat currency payments can be routed through services that will convert the funds to Bitcoin in exchange for a small fee. Another option is to work exclusively with people paying one in Bitcoin, albeit this market is very limited right now.

But earning Bitcoin is not the hardest part for most people, as there are very few places where the modern digital currency can be spent. Depending on the freelance or consultancy job, one might need to travel abroad. Booking a flight and hotel with Bitcoin is certainly possible, creating a huge use case for any worker not tied to one particular location.

While the list of merchants accepting Bitcoin keeps growing, there is still a long way to go until digital currency can be spent on everyday purchases. However, Bitcoin debit cards provide an attractive alternative to both credit cards and Bitcoin, as this medium merges both technology into a new breed of finance.

At the same time, certain things will be much harder to pay in Bitcoin. Any monthly bill, for example, cannot be paid in Bitcoin directly. In Europe, companies such as Bitwala and Cashila offer a service that will let users do exactly that. However, there is still a middleman involved in the process, which goes against the core principles of Bitcoin.

In the end, going all in on Bitcoin payments is not a viable choice for everyone. Freelance writers will have an easier time doing so, albeit a conversion to fiat currency might be needed for tax purposes, depending on their location. With the Bitcoin price remaining rather volatile at times, it is too early to keep everything in digital currency right now. But times are changing, and as the digital currency becomes more stable in the markets, the concept of living on Bitcoin will no longer be a utopian dream.

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